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healthy eating

Four Fast Breakfasts for Busy College Students

Thinking of skipping breakfast? Think again. Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism, and gives you the energy you need to start your day. Plus, it keeps you from overeating at lunchtime.

Busy college students often think they don’t have time to grab breakfast in the mornings. They leave their tummies growling at their first class or search for something breakfast-like in the vending machines.

To ensure that you have a quick, healthy breakfast, discover these four meals that won’t disappoint your appetite.

Fruit smoothie: Both filling and healthy, smoothies are amazingly portable. Plus, with all the fruits out there, the combinations are endless. Combine one cup of your favorite yogurt, one cup of your favorite fruit, one tablespoon of pure cane sugar and four ice cubes. Place in blender, and blend until smooth.

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Choose These Healthy Foods for Better Brain Power

The final stretch of spring quarter creates enough anxiety for students ready for summer freedom. Add the stress of final papers and exams and college students just can’t wait for it all to be over. Planning for summer jobs, packing to move, preparing for graduation and getting organized for final assignments all create a storm of stress. Choosing the rights foods can ease the pain by promoting alertness, memory, healthy sleep patterns and dozens of other positive effects.

Check out these foods that contain a plethora of brain boosting benefits.

Tuna, salmon and halibut are all examples of cold-water fish that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which are amazing for brain health. Working fish into your diet will help with energy, learning ability, memory and other important brain functions. This is an easy, and delicious, way to feed your brain and keep energy up.

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Vitamin Adventures of Don and Flip for iPad Offers a Lesson in Healthy Eating

Educational iPad AppOur wish has been granted! In my review of Punflay’s Kandy Fish app, I wrote that I hoped they would create a library of interactive stories. One of their newest iPad apps is another such story, called The Vitamin Adventures of Don and Flip. The interactive story is designed to teach kids about vitamins and the foods that have them.

The story follows Don and Flip as they intact with the fellow inhabitants of GoGoo Island and learn about the vitamins in different foods. Each food they encounter comes with a quick game, followed by a description of that vitamin. Kids will also learn what foods contain each vitamin and the list is unfalteringly healthy. In addition to the story book, there’s a learning page, that contains descriptions of each vitamin. Many of the storybook’s pages also feature interactive animations, in addition to the games.

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Best Snacks for Your College Bowl Party

The college bowls are looming which translates to parties, parties and more football parties! Food is, undoubtedly, the single most important part of any college bowl party. Okay, perhaps it’s the second most important part- I suppose you need to make sure you have a TV first. Once that’s all figured out (which is something I really can’t help you with) start brainstorming because I’m telling you, good food equals a good party.

Here are a few of my favorite college football party food ideas:

  • Sandwiches are a lot of fun because you can either go with a make-your-own sandwich bar or buy one of those huge subs that you always see the pictures of at Subway.

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The Best Study Snacks for Finals Week

Most college students know what finals week really means. It’s not about preparing for weeks in advance and walking into the classroom the day of the test, completely confident that you will earn an “A+”. No, what it’s really about is spending hours upon hours in the library, beating facts into your brain, and surviving off coffee from Starbucks and snacks from vending machines. Not very healthy, and not very good brain food, either.

The food that you eat while studying is actually very important. I bet you didn’t know that your brain uses roughly 20 percent of the daily calories you consume and it needs healthy foods to help function better. Here are some foods that will help your brain function properly, because you want every advantage on test day you can.

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Four Ways to Avoid Test Anxiety

It won’t be long until finals week, and if your grades are borderline, you’re probably ready to pull out you hair. “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” sang it best with the song “Relax.” Stress can cloud your thinking and bring on test anxiety.

Read these tips on how to relax, reduce stress and maximize the quality of your study time:

Cramming is a no-no: We’ve all done it. It’s no surprise that a busy college schedule caused you to cram several chapters of information into your brain within hours before the test. But if you want to avoid stress, don’t wait until the last minute. Study about an hour a night for three nights. If you know it’s going to be a comprehensive final, try studying an hour and a half each night. If you cram for a test, you will likely feel like you don’t truly know the material, which can bring on test anxiety, but if you study several nights in a row you will feel confident about your final.

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Healthiest and Unhealthiest College Stadium Food

sports stadiumFrom jumbo hot dogs to greasy French fries, you don’t need a Ph.D to know that most foods offered at sports stadiums are not the healthiest fare. Since college campuses are always buzzing with football, hockey and basketball games, it is important to arm yourself with a score sheet of the best and worst eats in sports arenas. Read the rest of this entry »

Whole Foods Campaigns to Put Salad Bars in Schools

great-american-salad-projectChef Ann Cooper and Whole Foods Market are partnering to get salad into public schools. The new program is called the Great American Salad Bar Project, which aims to make school lunches healthier by providing students with more ways to eat fresh produce. The initiative will provide grants to schools to cover the costs of equipment, delivery and training. Each school will be responsible for providing the greens and toppings that will go in the bar. If you were to read more, you’d know that the schools also will be offered free promo codes, so as to assuage their financial burdens on costs.

“Every school can still find fresh produce,” said Cooper, who is the founder of the nonprofit “All we can do is tell them how important it is and give them the tools.”

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Healthy Breakfast Options for Non-Breakfast Students

healthy-breakfastSomehow this semester, I ended up with classes from 8:30am to 12:30pm, three days a week. I am a morning person, so this isn’t as bad as it sounds, except in one area: my tummy. I used to skip breakfast and have an earlier lunch. However, my new schedule of waiting until 12:30pm or later is killing me. So, I decided to give the experts a chance, who say we should eat breakfast every day, and try making a few breakfasts.

Here are the easiest, healthiest and most portable breakfasts I came up with for non-breakfast-eaters, like myself.

1.    Yogurt with berries. My favorite is red raspberry yogurt, covered with fresh blueberries. There is plenty of protein in yogurt, which keeps you full longer, and carbohydrates, to give you a kick of energy early in the morning. Go for fat-free or Greek yogurt to cut fat and calories.

2.    A hard-boiled egg with toast. This is really convenient because you can take it with you on your commute to classes. The egg white will give you lots of protein, and the yolk will give you fat, both of which do wonders for managing hunger, and the toast will give you the carbohydrates your brain needs for class. Read the rest of this entry »

Fighting the Freshman 15 on The Today Show [VIDEO]

On this morning’s edition of the Today Show, Ann Curry spoke with psychologist Gail Saltz and nutritionist Joy Bauer about how students heading off to college can avoid gaining the infamous frestoday-show-logohman 15.

They discuss both the emotional issues and practical issues of maintaining a healthy weight at college. Emotional issues include the stress of moving out of their parents’ homes for the first time. “Eating is a very natural way that people contort themselves,” says Saltz. Finding ways to cope with homesickness other than eating is important.

The practical issues may be a little easier to address. “If you can make water your beverage of choice, instead of sodas and sweetened teas, instead of coffee and even fruit juice you can save thousands of calories,” says Bauer. “Because the liquids don’t fill you up.”

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