Heisman Championships

Heisman Championships

The 50 Best College Football Teams

All college students know that having a good football team is something to be proud of. The bragging rights are endless, especially when your team beats your conference rival. Bleacher Report recently announced the top 50 college football programs, based on “national championships, conference championships, postseason success, Heisman winners, All-Americans, and [number of] wins.”

Does your school make the list? If so, feel free to brag; I know I will be doing my fair share of bragging. Look who’s number one! Boomer Sooner!

  1. University of Oklahoma. The number one team in the nation is the University of Oklahoma Sooners, who have had a .765 winning percentage since 1945. They have won seven national championships and won their conference 39 times. Don’t forget that the Sooners have finished the season ranked in the top five 29 times, and it’s easy to see why Crimson and Cream are the best school colors around.
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