High School Football Rankings

High School Football Rankings

Best High School Football Teams in the Country

As the football season draws to an end for many and other teams head off to post-season games in hope of claiming their state title, it’s interesting to look at rankings and how much they have potentially changed over the season.

At the beginning of the football season, I mentioned rivalsHIGH, a website that ranks high school football teams from around the nation. I just recently looked at the rankings again and noticed they have changed some.

Here are the top five schools for high school football teams, according to rivalsHIGH:

1. Trinity in Euless, TX

2. St. Thomas Aquinas in Ft. Lauderdale, FL Read the rest of this entry »

rivalsHIGH and the Top 100 High School Football Teams

Football on Friday nights is one of my favorite things to take place during the school year! The stadium lights, playing with the marching band, screaming and cheering with friends and schoolmates, and nachos make for one fun night! But have you ever wondered how your team is doing, not only in your region, but on a national level?

RivalsHigh will take High School Football Lovers within the United States to a list that ranks high school football teams. Each Monday during the football season a network of high school site publishers, recruiting analysts, and the AMP team publishe the rivalHIGH 100- the top 100 High School Football Teams in the nation.

friday night football

As I looked through the top 100 teams, I was disappointed to see that no Kansas schools made it onto the list. At the bottom of a recent list though, it does mention that Hutchinson, KS was ranked number 92. Although it is no where near the top of the list, I thought it was just awesome to see a Kansas town even mentioned. When I reviewed the “Heartland” list to look at schools in the Midwest, Hutchinson is ranked number 20. So even though it’s not a Wichita School, at least a Kansas school is mentioned!

If you are ever curious as to how your school’s football team is doing on a national level, stop by rivalHigh and check out their rankings! You never know when you might come across your school or a school in your area.

euless trinity high school

This week, the top 10 are:
1. Trinity – Euless, TX

2. Armwood – Seffner, FL

3. Byrnes – Duncan, SC

4. Bastrop – Bastrop, LA

5. St. Thomas Aquinas – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

6. Gateway – Monroeville, PA

7. Plano – Plano, TX

8. Poly – Long Beach, CA

9. De La Salle – Concord, CA

10. Lownds – Valdosta, GA


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