High School Graduates

High School Graduates

Failing Army Tests Point to Education Shortfalls

The nation’s education crisis is constantly being placed under a microscope. All states are dealing with students failing classes, escalating dropout rates and schools having below average standardized test scores. Each time there is an analysis of the public school system, there are proposed solutions and changes that are recommended. Now the education problem is reaching into branches of the military.

It has been found recently that 23 percent of those wanting to enter the army are unable to pass the entrance test. The questions to the test are basic and the army is known for having the easiest test of all branches of military. This comes after the No Child Left Behind Act has been in place for years. Those taking the tests are high school graduates and still cannot seem to pass the test. Of all the other statistics placed on the education system in the United States, this should serve as a call to action.

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Young Celebrities Who Are Choosing Not to Go to College

Young celebrities face a difficult decision: is it better to pursue their careers while they’re hot or an education to ensure a future? It’s a very hard choice; the newest starlet can never know how long she will remain popular, so she has to choose between the volatile celebrity lifestyle or the more reliable college education.

Honestly, I am not sure which I would choose if I was a young star in Hollywood today. Both options are appealing for their own reasons. I mean, who wouldn’t love to get dressed up to attend movie premiers in designer clothes on a regular basis? But then again, having a college education can take you a long ways in this world.

EDUinReview has told you of many celebrities who have earned their college degree. However, many others choose not to attend college. According to the Huffington Post, here are 10 celebrities who are choosing the red carpet in favor of the school library.

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More U.S. Students Getting High School Diplomas

President Obama’s goal to graduate nine out of 10 students from high school by the year 2020 may not be quite on pace, but progress is definitely being made. A new study shows that the number of schools termed “dropout factories” has decreased since 2002 and more than 100,000 students have gotten a high school diploma because of that.

To be termed a dropout factory, a school must have fewer than 60 percent of students who started as freshmen still enrolled four years later. While these results are very encouraging, there would need to be a fivefold increase to take place for the 2020 goal to be reached. What this study does show is that the schools termed dropout factories can be fixed. Tennessee, Texas, New York and Georgia have found tactics that work to lower the dropout rates in their schools. Data has been collected to show what schools are having problems, what students dropout and what results work to keep students on track for graduation.

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