High School Seniors

High School Seniors

19 Arizona High School Students Will Graduate College Before Finishing High School

Graduation paraphernaliaWhen I was in high school, I took a few AP classes in order to earn some college credit. Some of my friends took a few college classes at the local community college. When we graduated high school, we had already earned enough credit to be considered second-semester college freshmen, and we thought we were ahead of the curve. Turns out, when compared to 19 high school students in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, we were way behind.

This year, 19 seniors at Lake Havasu High School will graduate high school will also earning their associate’s degrees. These students all took a test during their sophomore year of high school which allowed them to take dual enrollment classes during their junior and senior years of high school.

“We’ve all had to adapt to teaching ourselves how to study because things have come so easy to us before; so now our teachers expect us to help teach ourselves,” said Savanna Bailey, a senior at the school. “I’ve had a couple of anxiety attacks, but it’s all worth it whenever you really do learn more. You have to bring every single thick textbook home with you and you look, obviously like the nerdiest one in the school carrying all of your books.”

Looking nerdy seems like a small price to pay for two-years worth of free college credit, if you ask me. So how do these students make it through the insane amounts of homework and stress they must encounter while studying for both high school and college classes?

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Harvard and Princeton Offer Early Admissions for High School Seniors

In September 2006, Harvard and Princeton decided to no longer allow students to apply for early college admission, starting in the Fall 2008 semester. They made this decision in order to help students who needed to compare financial aid offers from different schools compete with wealthier students who applied earlier and did not need to wait for financial aid offers.

“In eliminating our early program four years ago, we hoped other colleges and universities would do the same, and they haven’t,” said Shirley Tilghman, the president of Princeton. “One consequence is that some students who really want ot make their college decision as early as possible in their senior year apply to other schools early, even if their first choice is Princeton.”

To combat this problem, both schools are reinstating their early-admissions programs. This will allow high school seniors who apply by November 15, 2011 to know if they have been accepted by December 15, 2011, without having to commit to the school if they are accepted. This will also allow the early-accepted students to wait for financial offers before committing to attend the schools.

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College Freshmen Anticipate Major Life Changes

college-girls-pizza-partyWith my senior year drawing closer and closer to its close, and college enrollment beginning, it’s interesting to think about where I will be this time next year. Obviously, down in good old Tulsa, Oklahoma, but how much of me will have changed by then? I remember talking to a parent of a friend recently about majoring options and college and they commented on how in the first six months of college you will experience more change than you experienced in all four years of high school.

This little bit of information was actually a scary thought for me. I will know how to do my own laundry and how to iron by the time school starts, but do I want to change? The key to happiness, in my opinion, is being happy with who you are and knowing you are. In the past four years, I have learned plenty about myself and who I am and I am unsure about this whole changing thing. But thinking about it, maybe there still are some changes that need to be made! Read the rest of this entry »

May 1 is D-Day for College-Bound Seniors

decisionYou don’t need any more pressure, right? Well kids, the clock is ticking. May 1 is Decision Day for high school seniors to notify the college they’ve chosen to attend. For some it can be a complicated choice, having received several acceptance letters. For others, checking the box might be one of the simplest choices they’ve ever made. But they have to make it. Today!

For parents of these indecisive college-bound students, be supportive. You might have a personal bias toward or against one college or university, but the choice should ultimately lie in their hands. This is where they will prepare themselves for the real world and really test and learn who they are as a person. They’ll no doubt thrive if it’s a place they love. Read the rest of this entry »

Wichita Senior is Bound for University of Tulsa

While my final college decision didn’t have to be mailed and received by a college till May 1, I figured the smartest thing to do would be to make my decision fast. I put in the mail my intent to enroll form with my housing form and deposits for the University of Tulsa this last weekend and I can’t remember the last time I felt this good about a decision and so relieved.university-of-tulsa

The reason that I decided to make my decision earlier was to get my finances in order. After figuring out everything I had received financially from Tulsa and other various scholarships, such as a $3,000 scholarship through scouts, I then started finding student loans. Of course, this was not too difficult considering I went to Google and typed in “student loans” and got a huge number of sites offering student loans. After looking at a few options, I finally found a loan and finished my application last night for the loan. Read the rest of this entry »

College Apps Are Done!

Finally, I am able to say all my college applications are completed and turned in! Now all I can do is sit back, relax, and wait to see who offers me a spot in the class of 2013. I will be hearing in a few days from one of my schools, another on February 1, but all the others I will not here from until sometime in April. This wait for many can be extremely hard.students relaxing

I, although would like to know, am not going to be worried about which colleges decide I am a best fit until the day comes when I am supposed to find out from all my schools. My college advisor has told me multiple times, as have other students who are now freshmen in college, to not worry. Why worry, because worrying won’t get you into the schools. Let the schools review the applications and let them decide while you try to push your application out of your mind until you hear a decision. If you are in the same spot as I am, which I hope a lot of seniors are at this time, don’t worry! Let the colleges decide and allow yourself to attempt to push the apps out of your mind for some time.

Sit back and relax if you have finished your apps! No point in worrying because its no longer in your hands. Just hope for your best.

Sorting Out Details for College Applications

As I keep working on my college folder, I have come to realize just how important many small details are when applying to the schools you wish to attend. When going over the schools on either their homepages or on collegeboard.com, be sure to look at even the small details and fine print because in there can be important messages or dates you will need later on in the application process.

Many schools that I’m applying to use the Common Application, so for each component of my application, I simply find the due date and that’s when all parts of my application are due. college applicationThis includes any supplements the schools ask for (such as essays). But then there are other things colleges need from you. Things such as a Midyear Report for some schools to make sure you are keeping your grades up, financial aid forms if you plan on applying for any financial aid, and even a Final Report to the school you finally chose to attend the following fall.

So my best advice is to print a check-off sheet for yourself. I printed one that had a box to tell the date I sent my application, my supplement, and whether or not I had paid the application fee for my schools (some schools though waive your application fees if you apply online, which you can do after becoming a member on commonapp.org). If there are other dates you need reminded of, then be sure to put those dates/details on your check-off sheet, too!

When you think you have your application completely filled out, be sure to go through and double-check everything. Also be sure to double check all your dates so that you don’t miss turning anything in! And be sure that you send everything you need, I would hate to not get accepted because I forgot to send in a teacher recommendation letter or a counselor report form!


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