Trojan Condoms Grades Universities With Sexual Health Report Card

condomsTypically, students go to college and are graded on what they learn. Now, the shoe is on the other foot because Trojan Condoms is grading schools on how well they teach students…about sexual education.

Trojan Condoms recently released its Sexual Health Report Card. This report grades schools on 12 areas of sexual health, including the availability of condoms on campus, STI testing locations, and if the school offers any lecture programs about safe sex.

“Students are really rallying to get their hands on accurate and intelligent material with respect to sexuality,” said Logan Levkoff, a PhD certified sexologist. “They’re fighting for classes, they’re fighting for access to services.” Read the rest of this entry »

Caressa Cameron Wins Miss America Scholarship and Crown

Via Getty Images

Via Getty Images

Just this past weekend, the new Miss America was crowned. Caressa Cameron, a 22-year-old broadcast journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University was selected from 53 other contestants for her brains, beauty and inspiring optimism.

“I hope to gain inspiration, I hope to gain momentum so that when this 365 days is over, I can shoot through the moon,” Cameron told The Associated Press.

Cameron is the first black Miss America since 2005 and once her year wearing the pageant’s crown is complete, she will finish her education and go on to receive her master’s degree in broadcast journalism so that she can become a news anchor.

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December is AIDS Awareness Month

aids logoDecember is not just about the holidays and eating too much. It is also a month of reflection, counting our blessings and setting the groundwork for healthy and perhaps, life-saving, New Years resolutions. It is then near perfect that December is also AIDS Awareness Month, a month when we remember, honor and continue to fight one of the gravest health epidemics of the modern world. 

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