Five Things to Do on a Commitment-Free Saturday

girls shoesIt doesn’t happen often, but occasionally every college student finds himself with absolutely nothing to do on a Saturday. Even more rarely, it’s an entire weekend that the student finds is commitment-free.

So what should this lucky student do with 24 or 48 hours of welcome relaxation? You could be responsible and start studying for upcoming exams (but let’s be honest, who is really going to do that?) or you could be completely lazy and catch up on multiple episodes of your favorite television shows (but who wants to tell their friends that this is how they spent their weekend?). Or, you could take some of our advice and do one of the things on our list below.

1. Clean your bedroom or entire apartment. Depending on your living situation and how much time you have, you could improve the overall quality of your life in a few hours. I know, I know, cleaning was a chore that Mom made you do when you were younger and you want it to remain firmly in the past. However, there are some unexpected benefits to having a clean room. For example, you might find your favorite shirt that you have been searching for hiding under your bed, and after the house is clean, your friends will probably be more willing to come hang out with you there. To make this activity a little more fun, blast your favorite songs from the radio and sing along as you clean.

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