holiday gifts

holiday gifts

5 Ways to Get Rid of Holiday Gifts You Don’t Want

Christmas always works like clock-work. I know I will get a bath set with lotion that smells like something a 14-year-old would wear. I also know I will receive a sweater that is too short in the sleeves and too short in the torso (I have been blessed with obnoxiously long arms and mid-section.) Over the years, I’ve learned about proper gift etiquette: Pretend you love the gift and later determine its fate.

If your holiday season is anything like mine, you’ll get a gift for which you have no use. Before you stash that disliked gift in storage, check out these five ideas to thoughtfully dispose of it:

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Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Christmas is known as the most wonderful time of the year. For many, it can also be stressful if you want to give gifts on a college student’s budget. Your family and friends will definitely understand if you can’t buy extravagant gifts, but you do have a chance to put your creativity to work if you want to give gifts to loved ones without racking up debt or stressing yourself out. Chances are, with the below gifts can be spiced up and infused with the personality of the recipient. If you play your cards right, these gifts might become a bigger hit than anything that can be bought at a holiday sale.
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Holiday Gift Guide for Greeks

During the new member education, new members learn more about the organization’s history, values, event participation, sisterhood/brotherhood, philanthropic endeavors and academic expectations. This is also when the new members will heavily interact with other new members, known as their pledge class, and begin bonding with the current members. The new member educator, a sorority/fraternity member who is in charge of the pledges, organizes mandated study times, optional social events, mandatory philanthropic events and/or weekly meetings.

The new member education period is also when most new members receive their big brother or sister, a mentor to guide them through the sometimes stressful and overwhelming process.

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