How to Throw the Best New Years Eve Party

New Years Eve is almost here. You could go out to the clubs and bars with your friends and spend a lot of money, or you could host a party at your home! Here are some things to keep in mind if you are planning on throwing a New Years party!

Have a Theme. Okay, there’s the obvious “See Ya 2010, Hello 2011” theme, but what about getting more creative? You could make your party’s theme be anything from old-school Hollywood to black-and-white-attire only to a pajama party or to a New York City themed party. It’s always more fun when everyone has to dress up in a costume- just make sure yours will be the best. For more ideas for unique party themes, check out these ideas!

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Holiday Gift Guide for Greeks

During the new member education, new members learn more about the organization’s history, values, event participation, sisterhood/brotherhood, philanthropic endeavors and academic expectations. This is also when the new members will heavily interact with other new members, known as their pledge class, and begin bonding with the current members. The new member educator, a sorority/fraternity member who is in charge of the pledges, organizes mandated study times, optional social events, mandatory philanthropic events and/or weekly meetings.

The new member education period is also when most new members receive their big brother or sister, a mentor to guide them through the sometimes stressful and overwhelming process.

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The Five Best Holiday Movies

rudolph the red-nosed reindeerThe holiday season is here! We’ve eaten the turkey and the radio stations are playing holiday songs 24/7. It’s time to start watching those traditional holiday movies.

For your viewing pleasure, I compiled a list of some of my favorite holiday movies. So next time you need to avoid studying for finals or want to eat a big bag of popcorn with your parents, put on one of these movies and enjoy yourself. After all, the season only comes once a year.

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