Fighting the Freshman 15 on The Today Show [VIDEO]

On this morning’s edition of the Today Show, Ann Curry spoke with psychologist Gail Saltz and nutritionist Joy Bauer about how students heading off to college can avoid gaining the infamous frestoday-show-logohman 15.

They discuss both the emotional issues and practical issues of maintaining a healthy weight at college. Emotional issues include the stress of moving out of their parents’ homes for the first time. “Eating is a very natural way that people contort themselves,” says Saltz. Finding ways to cope with homesickness other than eating is important.

The practical issues may be a little easier to address. “If you can make water your beverage of choice, instead of sodas and sweetened teas, instead of coffee and even fruit juice you can save thousands of calories,” says Bauer. “Because the liquids don’t fill you up.”

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How to Beat Homesickness While in College

telephoneYou probably thought going to an out-of-state college would offer a sense of independence, a chance to meet new friends and help you escape parental control. But now, after a few days of classes, you realize just how much you miss home.

I know it didn’t take long for me to miss home. My campus house was only 25 minutes from my parents’ house, and yet, I┬ánoticed that my bed got more uncomfortable each night. I started to miss the walls of my old high school, and I couldn’t seem to shake the crowded college dining hall and parking lot. It wasn’t long before I decided to spend the weekend at my parents’ house.

It’s normal for college students to feel homesick, but it’s important that you learn to cope. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself skipping class and constantly griping to your roommate about how much you hate the campus. Read the rest of this entry »


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