5 Ways to Get on Your Professor’s Good Side

Looking to make a good impression this year so you can score that “A”? Read these tips on how you can become the teacher’s pet.

Get there early: Arrive 5  minutes early. This is not only a sign of responsibility, but a sign of respect, too. At the very least, never be late to class. Not only is it embarrassing, but the most important material from your professor’s lesson is generally given at the beginning.

Never miss a class: A college student that shows up to every class is a rare gem. Teachers get paid whether you show up to class or not, but they like to see that you’re there to learn and not just to pass. If you do miss class, always let the professor know why, and ask how you can make up for time missed. Your teacher will appreciate that you’re taking initiative  to stay on top of the course material.

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iHomework Helps Students Keep Track of Assignments

Homework AppThe iPad version of iHomework is already on our list of the best iPad apps for college students, and we’re exited that’s it’s now available for download onto any Mac in the new Mac App Store. The new version allows you to sync with the app on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, so that no matter where you are, you’ll have all the info you need to keep on top of your school work.

You can use iHomework to organize nearly every aspect of your academic life. You can track assignments, books and reading, and teacher information. IHomework also can be integrated with iCal to keep track of events, tests and assignment due dates. There’s space to mark the locations and times of classes, put you can set up reminders.

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How to Quickly Raise Your Grades

a-gradeFinals are a little less than six weeks away, and if your grades are in the dumps, you’re probably ready to pull out your hair. But, there’s still hope on the horizon. There’s still time to turn that C into a B or B into an A.

Here are some tips on how to boost your grades by the end of the semester:

Turn in missing assignments: This one is kind of a no-brainer, but some students forget to ask instructors what’s causing their low grades. You may have missed a day and didn’t realize you had homework, or you may have simply forgotten to turn in work. While some professors have strict rules about taking late assignments, others will give credit even if the assignment is a couple of weeks late. Read the rest of this entry »

You’re Behind in Your Work. Now What?

studyIt’s October, the fall semester is well underway and the assignments are starting to pile up. This is the time when some students start to get behind in their work. The good news is, there’s also time to catch up.

David Leibow
, psychiatrist and author of What to Do When College is Not the Best Time of Your Life shares his tips for getting back on the ball. He proposes the theory of FLAM, or the First Law of Academic Motion, a twist on Newton’s laws of motion. The idea is this: once you get going, you’ll be more likely to finish. But the longer you procrastinate, the worse the situation will become. Here are some more of his suggestions:

Stop Making Excuses

Don’t tell yourself, “I’m too tired now” or “I work better under pressure.” Say, “I have to do that now,” and then really do it.

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Two Useful Study Websites for Students

booksSchool is officially back in full swing, and that means that homework is also back, plaguing students on a nightly basis. Sometimes homework is pretty simple and only takes a little while to finish but other times, it can turn into a long, painful ordeal. When you are suffering through your homework (instead of breezing through it), these two websites can really cut down on the time you spend on it, as well as help you better understand the material.

FactMonster.com’s The Homework Center is an awesome resource aimed at students in grades K-8 and is customizable for age and gender. This site features study tools, information, and other resources on a wide variety of subjects, including history, language arts, mathematics, sciences, and many more. The Homework Center offers an interactive guide to the periodic table, daily historical facts, flashcards, and language arts quizzes so students can have fun while getting homework help. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Ask for an Extension on a College Project

school workSometimes it seems like college professors forget we students have other classes besides theirs. Last semester, I had three tests, two papers, and a project all due the same week. It was incredibly stressful and I knew that I would not be able to finish all of my assignments on time and study for my tests. So what is the stressed-out, time-crunched, and sleep-deprived student to do? Ask for an extension.

Contrary to popular belief, professors actually are human beings, and if you present your request for an extension on a project in the correct way, they might grant it. Here are some of my tips for successfully asking for an extension.

Have a meeting set up. You shouldn’t just approach your professor after class to ask for an extension. Your professor is a very busy individual, and interrupting them while they are preoccupied with something else isn’t the best time to ask for a favor. Instead, ask to meet during his/her office hours. This will guarantee your professor’s full attention, which will make it easier to plead your case. Read the rest of this entry »


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