Gay Professor Fired From Teaching Position

A Catholic school in Philadelphia has fired a part-time professor for being gay. Chestnut Hill College dismissed Rev. James St. George after college officials read statements about his sexuality on a blog.

The Catholic Church believes that homosexuality is “contrary to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.” St. George belongs to a non-traditional branch of Catholicism that is not associated with the Vatican and allows priests to be openly and actively gay. However, college officials state that he misrepresented himself during his interview by openly wearing a traditional Catholic priest’s collar.

“While we welcome diversity, it is expected that all members of our college community, regardless of their personal beliefs, respect and uphold our Roman Catholic mission, character and values both in the classroom and in public statements that identify them with our school,” Carol Jean Vale, president of Chestnut Hill College said in a statement last Friday. “For this reason, we chose not to offer an additional teaching contract to St. George.”

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The Laramie Project Welcomed at Catholic High School

Each year brings us greater understanding of each other and a larger scope of acceptance throughout the world. With the eradication of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and a focus on anti-bullying groups at schools, 2011 is promising to be no different. One place where people don’t expect to see tolerance for the gay community is in the Catholic Church. I came across news of a Catholic School, Xavier High in  Manhattan, that put on (for the second time in the last eight years) a production of The Laramie Project.

The Laramie Project is a production based on the life and murder of an HIV positive, homosexual college student named Matthew Shepard. The play was welcomed by most of the staff and students at Xavier High School. School and church officials stood by their support of the production even under the judgmental eyes of fundamentalist protesters and most believe they were right to do so. The New York Times reports that, “Parents who had initially quailed about their children being in the show gave standing ovations.”

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Rutgers Student Posts Suicide Video Note on Facebook

Tyler Clementi Facebook Photo

Tyler Clementi Facebook Photo

Suicide notes are common in society these days, but the adaptation of social media has taken a morbid turn. Eighteen-year-old Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi took to the popular website Facebook to post a goodbye suicide-note-like video message on his personal account page.

Clementi, according to local law enforcement, sadly committed suicide last week after jumping off the George Washington Bridge. It is believed his suicide was a result of Clementi’s roommate streaming a video on the internet of Clementi engaging in a homosexual activity that his roommate secretly taped. The video was posted on September 19, 2010 and Rutger’s students Molly Wei and his roommate, Dharun Ravi, have been each charged with invasion of privacy. Read the rest of this entry »


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