hunger strike

hunger strike

Arizona State Students Go Hungry for the Dream Act

Students at Arizona State University rallied Tuesday to bring attention to the pending Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, also known as the DREAM Act. The legislation will permit undocumented students to continue studying in the U.S. and gain legal status.

The students demonstrated in front of the Memorial Union building of ASU’s Tempe Campus. They used chants and signs to push legislators to vote in favor of the DREAM act and to encourage more students to get involved in advocating for their peers. “We have an entire generation of students who were brought here (to the U.S) without a choice,” Debbie Robles, one of the participating students, told The Huffington Post.

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Mothers on Hunger Strike to Fight Educational Cutbacks

Families in Miami protesting educational budget cuts. Source: Miami Herald

Families in Miami protesting educational budget cuts. Source: Miami Herald

Here’s quite a remarkable story. Mothers of students at a Doral, Florida high school are on a hunger strike.  Why?  They’re protesting against high school funding cuts, which may include cutting the gifted program and reducing the length of the school day.  They’re also angry that the school’s principal, who was recently voted Florida’s principal of the year, was removed by the district from the school and relocated to help out a struggling school.

The State of Florida just cut the overall education budget by a half billion dollars.

I hope this news story receives national exposure.  It really says quite a bit about the state of education in our country.  As Arne Duncan gets sworn in as educational secretary, I hope he’s keeping tabs on this story.


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