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Indiana University

Indianapolis College Students Are Upset About Losing Parking Spaces During the Super Bowl

2012 Superbowl LogoMany college students would gladly welcome a few days off from classes in order to attend the Super Bowl; however, for students at Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis, this is what is happening, but they are not happy about it. The school recently announced that it will be selling 4,000 parking spots on its campus on the days surrounding the Super Bowl and that they will also be canceling some classes so that students and staff members can enjoy the festivities.

“I think the Super Bowl is great for the city,” said Chris Gault, a student at IUPUI. “I just think that it shouldn’t hinder our education. It seems the school is putting the outsiders and the Super Bowl attendees before the students and their educations.”

For some students, another major offense in this issue is that they will lose their parking spots for a few days. Parking at IUPUI is notoriously difficult, so I can understand why the students would be upset about losing ¼ of their 16,000 spaces.

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Technology is Helping Counselors Meet Student Demand

It’s no surprise to hear that college students get stressed out but the increased number of students seeking mental health resources has forced college campuses to address overflowing waiting rooms.

College counseling centers across the country have seen an influx of students asking for help with stress and depression. Recent high tech innovations have allowed for the streamlining of intake and help mental health experts to address high risk students more immediately.

There is no proof whether students are currently more depressed or if the negative stigma of seeking help for mental health is slowing dissipating. No matter the cause, it is important for counseling centers to analyze the needs of patients and prioritize treatment by risk. Students found to have high risk depression should be treated more immediately and with more observation.

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Dan Quayle Education Background

44th Vice President Dan Quayle

44th Vice President Dan Quayle

Born James Danforth in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 4, 1947 to James and Martha and James Danforth, Dan was an only child. Being the grandson of a wealthy newspaper publisher, he moved when he was eight years old to Arizona so that his father could manage one of the branches of the company business. They moved back to Indiana when Dan started high school and he graduated from Huntington High in 1965.

He enrolled at DePauw University, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences. He then returned to Indiana and served in the National Guard while attending law school at Indiana University. He earned his law degree in 1974, and met his future wife, Marilyn. Read the rest of this entry »

B.F. Skinner Education Background

bf-skinnerPsychologist and writer, B.F. Skinner was born in 1904 to parents Grace and William Skinner in the town of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. B.F. had a younger brother, Edward, who he died when just 16 years old of a cerebral hemorrhage.

After high school, Skinner enrolled at Hamilton College in New York, with the dream of becoming a writer. He also became a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1926.  He then enrolled at Harvard University and graduated in 1931 with a Ph.D,  but elected to stay on as a researcher until 1936. Around this time, he married Yvonne Blue, with whom he would raise two daughters. Read the rest of this entry »


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