International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate

Pros and Cons of College Honors Courses

male college professorAs you might be learning, high school and college are not the same. The demands, class schedules, teacher relationships and self-discipline are all completely different, and really for the better.

The same can be said about honors courses in college, versus those you took in high school. Advanced placement, honors courses and even IB classes are all great ways to prepare yourself for college, add some impressive bullets to your college application and broaden your academic horizons as a teen. However, in college, they can sometimes be an unnecessary burden, or can make college an even richer experience – it simply depends on your goals, major and time availability.

A few things to consider before enrolling in college honors courses: Read the rest of this entry »

High School Students: Is Dual Enrollment Right for You?

myusearchToday’s guest post comes from Pauline Diaz, a student at Seattle University. She chronicles her college experience as a student blogger for, an unbiased college matching web site that helps students find the right college.

With Dual Enrollment programs, high school students can take college classes and earn college credit for free or reduced fees. Unlike AP or International Baccalaureate, classes are taken through an actual college. These programs are a great a way to prepare for the years ahead and save on tuition bills. But how will dual enrollment impact you while you’re in high school? Here are three things to consider: Read the rest of this entry »

Recognizing International Baccalaureate Seniors

This Sunday, all the IB seniors at East High had IB Senior recognition. This was where we received our IB stoles and a few other small gifts for being a senior in the IB program. Our administrator spoke and said a few things that really hit home for a lot of the seniors. The fact that there are a number of aptitudes that describe IB students, such as reflective and open-minded, is entirely true. I don’t know if I can say that IB has taught me these things, but the program has definitely helped me to realize the importance of such aptitudes.

Although the ceremony was nothing extravagant, it was nice to be recognized for all the hard work we as IB students have put in over the last four years of our life. Many students think it;s funny when I say I write a 4,000 word essay for a key chain and want to graduate from the IB program simply to get the stole we get to wear at graduation. Getting such things in a sense push me on because it’s a tangible reminder of all the hard work I have put into the program and what good can come of pushing yourself in such a way. Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping Your Head Above All The Exams

studyingWhether its college or high school finals, IB Testing, AP Testing, or any other testing that is held during the tail end of school, the beginning of May signifies a long month for me and a number of other students. For me specifically, its IB testing.

IB testing encompasses the entire month of May with tests starting next Monday, the fourth, and lasting through May 22. Of course, just my luck, I have tests on the opening day all through May until the 22nd. I will be taking Psychology HL, Physics HL, English HL, Calculus SL, and Spanish SL. Throw in the AP Calculus test and I’m sure you can see I have quite the busy month ahead of me! Read the rest of this entry »

Earning College Credit in High School

Brett Promisloff tries to solve a problem in a college engineering design class. Such classes can lower college costs.

Brett Promisloff tries to solve a problem in a college engineering design class. Such classes can lower college costs.

Mayra Avila has a busy next two weeks. First, it’s her high school prom. Then next week, it’s her government and English composition college finals.

What? High school prom and college finals? How can one girl be both a college and high school student?

Avila, a student at West Potomac High, is one of many high school students who are dually enrolled in high school and college. These dually enrolled students save money on lower tuition costs while earning credit for high school and college classes. Instead of paying $286 for her English class, Avila pays only $43. Read the rest of this entry »

Seniors Should Stay Focused on Studies Pre-Graduation

senioritisI was looking at my calendar today, trying to figure out a study schedule for my IB tests and realized, for the Senior class of 2009, there is exactly one month of school left until our last day. I cannot believe that my high school career will be over in only a month. During freshman year, it seemed like four years was such a long time, but looking back I realize those four years flew by in one big blur and have seemed to slow down in the last couple of weeks.

Realizing that there is only a month left, also makes me realize how much more there is to finish not only in the month, but within the next couple of weeks because of IB testing. In two weeks, I will be sitting down to take IB HL World Literature Exam, which will kick start the long month ahead for all IB kids. Read the rest of this entry »

Meet Becca, our New Student Blogger

becca driskillWe’re very pleased to introduce to you Becca Driskill. Next month she will begin her senior year of high school- and she’s going to share with you all of the ups, downs and insanity that make a senior year. Follow her every step of the way as she, like most of her peers, prepares for college. Becca will talk about entrance exams, senior year jitters and excitement, college selection process, college applications, college financing through grants, scholarships and student loans, campus tours and everything else she experiences along the way.

Becca is quite the accomplished high school student and certainly someone her high school in Wichita, KS should be proud to have. She’s involved in a broad variety of activities, and all the while maintains an impressive GPA. Her activities include International Club, National Honor Society, Varsity Softball, and the band where she plays clarinet. She is in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program, which is an accelerated program that intends to prep students for college and push them to your absolute limit (both academically and mentally!)

Outside of school, Becca remains busy with other extracurricular activities. This will be her twelfth year as a Girl Scout and she just recently earned the Gold Award, which is the equivalent of the Boy Scout Eagle Scout Award. She’s active in her church, attending youth group on a regular basis and was appointed as a LYF (Lutheran Youth Fellowship) Representative this past fall.

“As I document my final year of High School and all it entails,” says Becca, “I hope those of you who read it will find it not only entertaining, but also insightful and applicable.”

Look for Becca’s blog posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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