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How to Study for International Baccalaureate Tests

A lot of International Baccalaureate (IB) students wonder what the easiest way to study for IB tests is. I’ve heard a lot of juniors, who begin their testing this year, asking a few seniors how they studied for their first round of IB tests. Thinking about and hearing the students asking about studying for the tests really made me question the easiest way to study for the upcoming IB tests.

The more I think about it, the more I realize there is really only one way to study for the IB exams. There is no study guide or deck of flashcards you can use, but rather all your notes and materials teachers have given you over the past one or two years. Reviewing all major topics discussed in your classes and also little details your teacher more than likely pointed out as an important part of the topic is going to be the easiest way to prepare properly for the IB exams. Read the rest of this entry »

Students Kicking Off Spring Break Welcome R&R

And I thought Winter break took forever to get here! Spring Break is finally days away and I cannot wait for this break. Seniors especially, we have hit a point in the year where we are tired of school and just need a break. Or at least that’s how many of my friends and I feel.spring break

Spring break will finally give me the time to catch up on some sleep, catch up on some school work, and let me have some time to be with friends and relax. So far, the only big assignment I have is in Psychology, and I really hope it stays this way!

One thing many seniors have to worry about when returning, is being careful not to get too lazy and letting senioritis get the best of you! For my friends and me, it will be hard to get too lazy because all through the month of May we have International Baccaulaureate testing. But for seniors, remember many schools require final grades and sometimes scholarships you receive can be taken away if you show through your grades that you just stopped caring. Sure your grades are fine now, but be sure to keep them up because you never know how bad grades can end up affecting you.

I hope everyone enjoys their spring break!

Kansas High School Student Corrects State Test Error

Geoffrey Stanford’s teachers always tell him to read tests carefully.geoffrey stanford

Every sentence. Every word. Slow down. Make sure you understand what’s being asked, and then proceed.

So while taking his state writing test last week, the East High junior saw something that didn’t make sense: The word “emission” — as in “the emission of greenhouse gases” — was spelled “omission.”

“I thought, ‘Surely they’re not talking about leaving out carbon dioxide altogether.’ It just didn’t make sense,” said Stanford, 17. “It had to be a mistake.”

It was.

Read more at about how this student caught something test developers and teachers had missed. Soon, our very own Becca Driskill, an international baccaulaureate classmate of Stanford’s, will have her reaction.

The Importance of Sleep for Students

student sleeping on booksI can count the number of nights I get eight hours of sleep on my two hands. I cannot count the number of nights I’ve had less than four hours (or even stayed up all night) even when you include my toes! But this is not something I’m exactly proud of. Recently in Psychology, we discussed the sleep cycle and how your body uses time while you sleep to revitalize itself and restore itself to keep you healthy. It makes me wonder why International Baccaulaureate kids don’t start dropping like flies once we hit our senior year!

The recommended sleep dose for teenagers is anywhere between 8.5-9.25 hours. This is enough time for your body to recuperate and prepare itself for the day to come. Any amount under or above can be detrimental. Read the rest of this entry »

Best High Schools in America

high school lockersNewsweek published a report of the top 1300 high schools in the U.S. The rankings take into consideration Advanced Placement classes, International Baccaulaureate programs and Cambridge tests. This information was pulled fromthe 2007 school year. The ranking also includes information for subsidized lunches.

For 2008, the top 10 High Schools in America are:

  1. BASIS Charter – Tucson, AZ
  2. Talented & Gifted – Dallas, TX
  3. Suncoast Community – Riviera Beach, FL
  4. Science/Engineering Magnet – Dallas, TX
  5. Stanton College Prep – Jacksonville, FL
  6. Preuss UCSD – La Jolla, CA
  7. Academic Magnet – North Charleson, SC
  8. Paxon School for Advanced Studies – Jacksonville, FL
  9. Oxford Academy – Cypress, CA
  10. International School – Belleville, WA’s own Becca Driskell is an International Baccaulaureate senior at Wichita East High School in Wichita, KS. The school ranked #472.


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