Is a Double Major Right for You?

Girl Reading a Textbook in a lecture roomIf you’re ready to declare a major, this single thought may be lingering in your mind: Should I or shouldn’t I attain a double major? Sure, it could mean more job opportunities and higher pay, but a double major could also mean twice the stress and a hefty tuition bill.

To ease such torment, read these pros and cons of double majoring, and decide the right path for you.


  • As a prospective employee, you’re more marketable. Having a double major shows that you’re flexible and well-rounded in more than one area of study. For instance, foreign language as a second major, specifically Spanish, is always a huge plus with employers. With this tough job market, a double-whammy could mean that you’ll get hired straight out of college.
  • It may be the only solution if you’re equally torn between two majors. It’s likely that if you don’t follow your destined education path now, you’ll head back to school after you graduate. Going back isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s tough to do when you’re working a full-time job. It’s best to get your degrees out of the way now while you have education on the mind.

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Best 10 Internships

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Vault recently released a list of the country’s top ten internships based on the 785 internship programs profiled in their Vault Guide to Top Internships.

The rankings were based on internships that offer the best mentorship and career advancement opportunities, internship role involvement throughout the entire company, the programs with the most preeminent compensation, past intern experience testimonials, and the programs overall unique and interesting appeal.

After releasing statements that the Vault editors recognize that every program has the potential to grant its participants with invaluable experiences, they chose to award the following programs as their top ten list:

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internshipratingsInternships are a critical part of the college experience for most students. You are supposed to learn what your “big kid job” will be like after college by interning at a company in your field and gaining invaluable first-hand experience.

Unfortunately, not all internships actually offer students this experience. When I interned at an advertising agency, I ended up mailing letters and buying coffee all day, every day. Not an ideal learning experience. I wish that I had known about when I applied for my internship because then I might have found a better internship.

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Benefits of Summer Internships

architect internInternships as part of the summer dream? It is for college students who want a great career after graduation. Sure, it might not sound as exciting as going on a road-trip with your friends or spending your days by the pool, but getting a summer internship could be one of the smartest moves a college student can make. Summer internships give you a great taste of what working in your field will be like.

They are a great time to see what your future could be like. Last summer I interned for an advertising agency in my hometown. Sure, there was a lot of paper filing and faxing forms to other agencies, (a.k.a. busy work), but I also learned a lot about my field and what a day in the workplace would really be like. Basically, I gained plenty of invaluable experiences that I would never have learned in a classroom. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Summer Internship Programs

Careers Next ExitAs summer approaches and final exams loom many students are not thinking unfortunately about jumping the gun and getting a head start on their summer internship pursuit, but they should be!

Internships may provide some of the most essential professional connections you can acquire throughout your college or high school career and really strengthen not only your experience, but also your resume.

Additionally, many universities offer course credit for summer internships, so ensure that you speak with an adviser about potential credits towards your degree.

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10 Famous Interns

oprah winfreyIt’s summer, or better known as internship season to college students. Whether paid or not, internships have proven to help land jobs in any field and provide college graduates with experience they can use for the rest of their careers.

I landed my first internship at a local newspaper, and although I’m not writing for the New York Times, I can’t help but think that my summer internship was just as valuable as my college degree. To further prove my point, here’s a list of the country’s most famous former interns:

Oprah Winfrey: The famous daytime talk-show host got her start at a Nashville CBS affiliate and then got hired on as anchor in 1973.

Brooke Shields: Maybe best known for her eyebrows and as the Calvin Klein jeans girl, Shields landed an internship at the San Diego Zoo. After taking a break from her childhood acting career, she opted for a college education at Princeton University and worked for a zoo along the way.

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