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Mathomatix iPhone App Introduces Kids to Measurement Concepts

Measurement from MathomatixAnother app in the Mathomatix series from Emantras, Measurement teaches kids about the basics of weight, time, volume and length. Like other Mathomatix apps for kindergartners and young kids, such as Number Sense and Alzebra, Measurement features five animated games that teach basic principles of math.

Measurement, as you can guess, focuses on principles of measuring. The “Crazy Clock” game teaches the basics of telling the time. “Scale Tale” asks kids to pick the heavier or lighter of two everyday objects. “Fill Me Up” teaches a lesson in volume, while “Long & Short” asks the player about the length of objects. Finally, there’s “Action Month,” a puzzle game that prompts the player to assemble the letter of the month.

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Can Alzebra iPhone App Teach Kindergarteners Algebra?

alzebra-iphone-appThe creator of the Number Sense iPhone app, Mathomatix, has released another cute app to teach kindergartners about math. This round, they’re upping the ante with the claim that Alzebra can teach five-year-olds algebra.

While the Alzebra iPhone and iPod Touch app does teach children important pattern recognition skills, it seems like a stretch to call this algebra. Let us recall that algebra is the part of math that uses letters or other symbols to represent numerical quantities in equations.

Algebra claims aside, Alzebra comes equipped with five charmingly animated games: Pizza Mania, Tummy Time, Space Rock, Number Strike, and Sound Sequence. All the games involve some element of pattern recognition. Number Strike also develops hand-eye coordination. Tummy Time, a matching game using cartoon animals, uses the iPhone’s tilt sensor for a fun twist in game play: users move a character by tipping the device, not by touching the screen.

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iPhone Partners with Half.com to Offer Cheap Textbooks

iphoneIt sounds like something out of the future: imagine scanning a bar code of a textbook with your phone and instantly finding the cheapest price for that book available on Half.com. Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer, because a new app for the iPhone allows you to do just that.

iPhone has partnered with Half.com to create a new app that will make buying your textbooks – and many other items – much quicker and easier. The app allows users to scan the bar codes on many items, including textbooks, DVDs, and video games, with their iPhones and find the best prices on those items on Half.com. The majority of products on Half.com are 50 percent off, including pricey textbooks, which might be reason enough for me to trade in my other smart phone for an iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »

Stacks is a Fun and Engaging Flashcard iPhone App

stacks iphone appStacks is a simple flashcard app for your iPhone or iTouch, it is perfect for expanding your knowledge or even as just an entertaining memory game. Stacks can be great for quizzing friends and family, or utilizing the time spent standing in line or on a plane. This app is continuously updated with new content, with some categories available for purchase, and others for free.

Stacks’  flashcards cover a wide range of topics including:

– 1980’s music
– Americana
– Best Golf Courses
– Chick Flicks
– Duct Tape Trivia
– Government
– High School Reading Lists
– Inventors
– Morse Code
– Movie Quotes
– Pirate Phrases
– Roman Numerals
– Solar System
– States and Capitals
– Wine
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