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Learn Spanish with the MindSnacks iPhone App [VIDEO]

mindSnacks-iphone-app-is-awesomeMany students want to learn another language, but the process of acquiring new vocabulary and grammar rules often requires hours of rote memorization. Here to save the day is MindSnacks Spanish, an iPhone App that uses six games to help you learn Spanish in “bite-size” increments.

Each of the app’s six mini games teach a different aspect of the Spanish language. For example, the Fish Tank game helps improve vocabulary and phrase acquisition. The Word Bird game tests players’ abilities to spell correctly and translate. CEO of MindSnacks Jesse Pickard says these six games are just the beginning. Not only does the company plan to release more mini games, they also plan on releasing versions of the the game to teach other languages, including French, Italian and Mandarin.

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iPhone Partners with Half.com to Offer Cheap Textbooks

iphoneIt sounds like something out of the future: imagine scanning a bar code of a textbook with your phone and instantly finding the cheapest price for that book available on Half.com. Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer, because a new app for the iPhone allows you to do just that.

iPhone has partnered with Half.com to create a new app that will make buying your textbooks – and many other items – much quicker and easier. The app allows users to scan the bar codes on many items, including textbooks, DVDs, and video games, with their iPhones and find the best prices on those items on Half.com. The majority of products on Half.com are 50 percent off, including pricey textbooks, which might be reason enough for me to trade in my other smart phone for an iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »

Library of Congress Releases Educational App for iPhone

library-of-congress-iphone-appLearning about the Library of Congress just got little more high-tech. Now, students can download the free “Library Of Congress – Virtual Tour” app to their iPhone or iPod Touch and discover what the Library of Congress is all about. Now students who can’t travel to Washington, D.C. can take a virtual walk around the largest library under one roof. Librarians and curators guide the way with informative and interesting facts. Read the rest of this entry »

Achievers Writing Center Offers Professional Writing Advice on iPhones or iPod Touches

Check out the coolest new educational app for iPhones!

Check out the coolest new educational app for iPhones!

A few months ago, EduInReview.com posted a review about the Essay Writing Wizard, an iPhone and iPod Touch application that allows students to write their essays on their iPod. The Essay Writing Wizard was created in order to transform the iPod from an organizational study tool to an interactive study tool. In addition to allowing students to write their essays on their iPod, the Essay Writing Wizard allowed students to take notes, review essay definitions and tips, and email their work to a computer. This all sounded pretty good to me, but now, the creators of the Essay Writing Wizard have created something even better. This new product is the Achievers Writing Center.

The Achievers Writing Center combines the benefits of the Essay Writing Wizard, everything you need to develop, organize, and write an excellent college essay, with personal interaction with a professional writing assistant. This assistant provides each student with unlimited support during their writing process. So if you get writer’s block or just can’t think of how to best phrase your idea, the assistant will help you. The Achievers Writing Center also provides assistance with argument development, paragraph sequence, and basic grammar and misspellings.Like the Essay Writing Wizard, the Achievers Writing Center offers iTunes apps for over 30 essay styles, including deductive essays, creative writing, and argumentative essays.

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Fun Math App for iPhone: Digit Defenders

digit defenders iphoneR.Cloud Software has just released Digit Defenders – now available for you to download at the iTunes app store. Digit Defenders is an entertaining game of falling math problems, while still an educational tool for sharpening math skills. The object is to answer problems correctly before they fall off the screen. Players begin with basic arithmetic skills and work their way up to algebraic linear equations and college level quadratics.

Players of all ages can challenge their mental math skills from a preschool to college level. Even the quickest math whiz will be challenged, testing his speed and accuracy on the most difficult setting, as this unique yet educational iPhone game has very advanced math content for teens and 20-something college kids. However, if you are someone who simply wants to brush up on your math, the normal difficulty setting is ideal. Levels include simple counting, elementary and advanced arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and number base conversion. Read the rest of this entry »

New iPhone App Colleges Ideal for Researching Schools

colleges iphone appThere’s a new iPhone application on the market for students looking to find information about the school that’s on their mind. Colleges, for the iPhone, can provide quick access to statistics on thousands of U.S. colleges and universities, and no Internet connection is required! This app allows you to create and manage a list of potential schools, and sort them by reach, match, or safety.

Colleges gives the option to search for a specific school or browse through categories such as National Universities, Liberal Arts Colleges, as well as the top in Business, Engineering, Medical and Law schools. The schools are listed by rank based on the US News and World Report. Read the rest of this entry »

Best New iPhone Education App: Mathemagics

mathemagics iphone appHave you ever wanted the ability to multiply at lightning fast speed like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman? Mathemagics allows you to do just that. You can practice and learn mental math calculation with this fun and engaging iPhone application, listed as one of the bestselling apps in the education category. Students can baffle their math teachers providing answers in record time, and teachers can inspire their students as they pull answers to math problems out of thin air. Read the rest of this entry »

Evernote – The iPhone App Students Can’t Live Without

Evernote is a software application I invented in my mind long before it arrived, but unfortunately didn’t quite have the means to create. Some tech people beat me to it, as usual.Evernote

How often do you find yourself wishing you had written down a website you looked at, or an item you saw that you wanted to purchase? Anything found digitally that you wish to remember is as easy as popping it right into your Evernote account. The information is indexed, and available for searching whenever you need it. Read the rest of this entry »

8 Must-Have Education Apps for iPhone

Education Applications for iPhone

I remember when my cell phone only made calls. The new iPhone will still dial phone numbers, but it also runs 148 add-on applications with more than 35,000 total to choose from. With the iPhone students can now learn Spanish, practice their typing skills, and view priceless works of art. About a quarter of the applications, commonly known as “apps,” are free (others usually cost less than $10 each), so Apple users are taking full advantage, with approximately 10 million downloads so far.

Here I have compiled a few of my favorite apps, many of which are free, for the busy and wallet conscious student.

myhomework-iphone-appmyHomework — keep track of homework, classes, projects and tests. Designed to resemble a notebook, complete with sticky notes. myHomework will notify you of upcoming assignments, easily identifying major priorities that are due soon. Read the rest of this entry »


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