Items for College Dorm

Items for College Dorm

Back-to-School Dorm Checklist

Packing for the dorms and not sure where to start? Remember that you don’t need to bring everything from home, but you will need most of it. After all, the dorm will be your “home” for the next four years.

Start out by making a check list of essential items and create sections within that list. Divide your list into: clothing, electronics, bedding, room furnishings, toiletries, cookware and laundry essentials. This way you won’t forget anything, and spend your hard earned money on duplicate housewares. Save that money for partying and food- you’re going to need it.

Read below to find additional tips when packing for the dorms:

Items to leave at home: These items are already furnished in the dorms.

– mirror
-desk and chair
-twin bed
-ironing board

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Unisak Offers Students an Apartment in a Bag

UnisakOne of the first things college students learn when they are leaving home to go to school is that they need their own stuff. Mom typically isn’t going to part with her favorite dishes to stock your dorm room. Going and buying all of the things you’ll need for life away from home can be time consuming and super expensive. Several department stores are starting to offer great packages that offer several of the things college students need in a bag for one low price.

One of the helpful things that students can grab on their way to college is a Unisak. Right now, the Unisak is only available within the United Kingdom. You can order a Unisak online and get free delivery. The Unisak is designed especially for students and includes 65 items for four different rooms. There is also currently an offer that will pay you to refer friends that might purchase a Unisak. If you refer enough people, you could end up getting your Unisak for free.

The Unisak features everything you need for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and your study area. All of the items included are things that students will find helpful and very much needed when striking out on their own. Buying all of the items included in the Unisak separately would cost you hundreds of dollars. Buying things separately may also cause the hassle of trying to figure out how to pack everything up. With the Unisak, everything comes in one large tote that is neatly packed and ready to go with you to college. For those going to school outside the UK, unfortunately the Unisak is not yet available, but if you are going overseas for college, or even thinking of doing a semester abroad, this would be a great item to order to keep from having to take things with you.

The Hottest Back to School Gadgets for Your Dorm

clockyIt’s back to school time, and it’s time to bring your dorm into the digital age. Whether it’s a new coffee maker or a new alarm clock, there are several new electronic devices that will make your life easier and your roommate jealous.

Here’s a list of this school year’s hottest gadgets:

Clocky Alarm Clock ($39): No longer will you be able to blame your tardiness on your alarm clock. Clocky has wheels attached to the sides and rolls away out of your reach to keep you from hitting the snooze button excessively.

Pivot Power ($25): This bendy power strip lets you shape it to fit any space. You can twist it, curl it or stretch it. Do whatever you need to do to make all those power cords more organized and less noticeable. Read the rest of this entry »


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