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ithaca college

College Athletes Don’t Really Get a “Full Ride”

footballAthletes give us something to get excited about while we are in college. Whether they are shooting baskets, scoring touchdowns, or crossing the finish line first, college athletes are an integral group of students at every school. It makes sense that these athletes – who are almost seen as heroes at some schools – should receive some sort of compensation for their efforts, which is why most people think athletes receive full scholarships to the school they attend. However, a new report shows this isn’t true.

Researchers at Ithaca College recently reported that the “average ‘full scholarship’ Division I athlete winds up having to pay $2,951 annually on school-related expenses.” These expenses include everything from campus parking permits to school supplies.

“It’s really deceptive to use the words ‘full scholarship,'” said Ramogi Huma, head of the National College Players Association. “There’s never an explanation for recruited athletes that the price for attending school falls short of the scholarship amount.” Read the rest of this entry »

College Football Rankings: An Easy Way To Get Views, Stir Debate

college football rankingWith the college football season four months away, one thing you’ll run across lots of on any major sports website is a writer’s early Top 25 Ranking.

Heck, on ESPN right now I’m looking at¬†writer Mark Schlabach’s “Post-spring Top 25” – not his original Top 25 for this year; that was published January 8 – and in the same article, there’s a sidebar with ESPN’s “College Football Live Top 25”, which is completely different.

Football’s not alone in this: basketball columnist Jeff Goodman had a 2010 Top 25 up in April, just days after the National Championship Game.

Ten best out-of-conference match-ups. Best 2011 recruiting classes. Top left-handed, blue-eyed quarterbacks under six feet. You name it, sportswriters rank it. But with so many rankings, how do we know which one to trust?

Read the rest of this entry »


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