Best Summer Songs

swimming poolIt’s summer time!

It’s my favorite time of the year for many, many reasons, including the lack of school, sleeping in until whenever, working a job to finally have some money, and pool parties with all of my friends.

My first pool party was when I was in fifth grade. My dog had just had puppies, so after we all swam for hours, we played with the puppies and ate hamburgers. And of course we listened to music. Granted, it was not the best music ever, but I was a huge fan of Baha Men, Vitamic C, Destiny’s Child, and ‘NSync.

Now that I’m older, my taste in music has developed, or at least I like to think it has, but my love for pool parties has not changed at all. If you plan on having a pool party of your own, here are some of the most popular tunes, according to iTunes, to crank on your iPod this summer.

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Top 20 Songs of 2009

girl listening to musicMusic is an essential part of our youth culture. When your favorite band releases a new single, you have to head over to iTunes and download it asap.

Music gives you something to talk about with new people at parties, or if talking isn’t a priority at the moment due to amount of alcohol you just consumed, it gives you another way to express yourself on the dance floor. I know that I spent a large amount of my paychecks this year on concert tickets and new CDs.

Music defines us. It can influence our moods, help us relax, and turn a bad day into a good day in three minutes flat. Certain songs can bring up memories we hadn’t thought of in years.

This past year had many wonderful songs released by some of the most popular artists. iTunes recently released their list of most popular songs for 2009, based off downloads. There are several repeat offenders on the list, but they really were some of the most popular artists this year.

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