5 Things The United States Can Learn From The Japanese Educational System

japanese education

The people of Japan are so smart. They are innovative.

This is what the United States envy’s about other foreign countries.

After doing some research, the Japanese education system is pretty neat. They have a lot of cool opportunities and different ways of doing things.

Here is a list of the reasons why Japanese education is further ahead than the United States:

1) Japanese have manners. This is one of the first things that kids at Japanese schools learn. They do not give children tests or exams until age 10. Until then, they focus on just learning manners. They are taught to be generous to animals, nature and other human beings.

2) School starts when the Cherry Blossoms bloom. April 1st is the start of the first day of school. The semesters are divided such as: April 1 — July 20, September 1 — December 26, and January 7 — March 25 with 6 weeks off in the summer and two weeks off for winter and spring.

3) The students clean the school. No custodians are employed. The students learn to clean up after their own mess. We are so stinkin’ spoiled here in the US. We hire maids and janitors just to clean up a simple mess that we made ourselves.

4) Schools are set to eat healthy and balanced meals. The meals are are cooked not only by qualified chefs, but also healthcare professionals. In the US, we need to get our healthcare professionals involved with school food choices. The students in Japan eat all their meals together in the classroom. It helps build student and teacher bonding.

5) Students love school. Attendance rate is 99.99%. The Japanese kids never skip class or come in late. They are always on time and ready to learn in the morning. Can we boast those statistics here in the US? Nope.

The United States educational system should make some drastic changes and learn about what the Japanese do.



How to Study Abroad in Tokyo, Japan

Airel Image of Tokyo, JapanJapan is quickly growing as a country of interest for many Americans. So, if you are wanting to spend a summer, semester, or year studying abroad there, it makes sense that you would study abroad in Tokyo. Tokyo is the largest city in Japan and around 13 million people live in this city. Tokyo also hosts 47 of the Fortune Global 500 companies and the Japanese government; the Imperial Palace is also located in this city.

Obviously, Tokyo is a cultural hub and there is a lot to do and see in Tokyo. We here at EDUinReview want to make sure that you see the best of the best. So here is our list of the things you have to do while studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan.

1. See the city…from high up in the sky.
It would takes months to see every inch of Tokyo if you walked along the streets. Instead, get a fantastic panoramic view of the city from the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. It is free to enter this building between 9:30am and 5:30pm, so you do not have to pay to see the city like you would at a private site. The views of the city from up this high are absolutely stunning and will take your breath away, simply due to how vast the city is. Also, on a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji from this viewpoint. How cool is that?

2. Listen to live music as you stroll through Yoyogi Park. The best time to visit this park is on Sundays, when it turns into an outdoor concert venue. Many bands gather here to perform for free. You will see every type of music available at this venue, from angry-screamers to traditional Japanese music to drum circles. The park is also gorgeous, so go on a nice day, sit under a tree, and listen to the music.

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