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job training

Is a Double Major Right for You?

Girl Reading a Textbook in a lecture roomIf you’re ready to declare a major, this single thought may be lingering in your mind: Should I or shouldn’t I attain a double major? Sure, it could mean more job opportunities and higher pay, but a double major could also mean twice the stress and a hefty tuition bill.

To ease such torment, read these pros and cons of double majoring, and decide the right path for you.


  • As a prospective employee, you’re more marketable. Having a double major shows that you’re flexible and well-rounded in more than one area of study. For instance, foreign language as a second major, specifically Spanish, is always a huge plus with employers. With this tough job market, a double-whammy could mean that you’ll get hired straight out of college.
  • It may be the only solution if you’re equally torn between two majors. It’s likely that if you don’t follow your destined education path now, you’ll head back to school after you graduate. Going back isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s tough to do when you’re working a full-time job. It’s best to get your degrees out of the way now while you have education on the mind.

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Harvard Study: Students are Unprepared for Job Market

Students are not ready to take on their chosen career paths when they graduate from college, a Harvard study finds.  Published on Wednesday, the two-year study finds that the one-size-fits-all education system is leaving students either jobless or unprepared for a job.

Pathways to Prosperity Project, at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, encourages U.S. schools to become more like Europe’s.  European students can expect their educational experience to focus on occupational training, rather than general education studies.

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