joe biden

joe biden

The NEA Supports President Obama’s Campaign for Re-Election in 2012

In early July, 2011, the National Education Association did something a year earlier that no one expected them to do. It was not an overhaul of the public education system nor was it the passing of a new rule that would improve the quality of school lunches. No, instead, the NEA publicly announced their endorsement of President Obama for re-election in 2012.

Representing more than 3,000,000 teachers, the NEA is the largest teachers’ union in the USA. The president of the NEA, Dennis Van Roekel, feels confident that supporting President Obama for re-election will make the organization’s members happy. He feels that the President “shares our vision for a stronger America.”

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Celebrity Commencement Speeches for the Class of 2009

In stadiums and auditoriums across the country, graduates are joining for the pomp and circumstance that grants them their hard-earned degrees.

President Obama at the Naval Academy commencement. via Chicago Tribune

President Obama at the Naval Academy commencement. via Chicago Tribune

Much like the hours spent in lecture halls, graduates must wait through just a couple more speeches before their caps are tossed to the air and their diplomas rightly earned. Every graduation has a guest speaker, some more memorable than others. For the class of 2009 at many notable colleges and universities, these famous commencement speakers are certain to be a memorable closing to their college careers.

President Barack Obama
The President spoke at Notre Dame, U.S. Naval Academy, and Arizona State University, where he implored the graduates to see our troubled economy as an opportunity, not a hurdle. “I know starting your career in troubled times is a challenge. But it is also a privilege. Because it is moments like these that force us to try harder, dig deeper, to discover gifts we never knew we had – to find the greatness that lies within each of us.”

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Jill Biden, America’s “First Professor”

jill biden

Jill Biden is more than just the wife of new Vice President Joe Biden. She’s Dr. Jill Biden.  Dr. Biden is an English professor, and despite the fact that she’s married to such a high profile figure, she’s not going to stop teaching.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Biden has been an English and writing instructor at Delaware Technical and Community College. While her husband was campaigning for VP, she continued to teach — and graded papers while she was on the road with him.

Upon moving to Washington, she was courted by a number of local schools for a teaching position.  She’s made her choice — Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, VA, where Biden will be an adjunct instructor. This semester, Biden will be teaching two courses: an upper level ESL course and a developmental English course.  Because of the anticipated demand for her classes, they are not open to all students; prospective students have to score well on a test to be admitted.

So what kind of a teacher is Jill Biden? Check out her reviews at

We Sure Can!

As I registered to vote a few months ago, I asked my mom if I had to write a party affiliation and was somewhat scared when she looked at me and said “Of course you do.” As I gave it some thought I wrote down democrat, sealed it in its self-addressed envelope, and sent it on its way.

Tuesday November 4th 7:10: I arrive at Bel Aire City Hall to vote and notice the lack of cars. I walk in and realize there were more people than I originally thought. As I find my way towards a table with the label “A-D” on it, I am greeted with a smiling face as I give my name to receive a slip of paper that says whether I will use paper or electronically vote. I choose paper, because its much quicker. I get my ballot and sit down, anxious enough I can barely sit still. After completing my ballot, I slowly rise to my feet and go over to submit my ballot. After the scanner takes it in, I receive my “I Voted” sticker and walk out of City Hall with what now seems to be a quite ridiculous smile.

Then later that night I go to a friend’s house and as we work on homework we keep tabs on how things are starting to shape up. We continued watching until it seemed Obama would win by quite a large margin. At that point I must go home, so I rush home and plop myself right back down in front of the TV and realize Obama has done it!

I listen to Barack Obama give his speech and get chills. Maybe this is the change America really does need to turn things around. As the crowd chants “Yes We Can!” I get really excited and get up and do a little victory dance. I look forward to having Obama as a President. Just by electing him, we have started the change he is constantly talking about.

Joe Biden’s GPA and College Record

When I was watching the vice presidential debate, I was amazed by how intelligent and articulate Joe Biden came across.  Thus, it surprised me to find out that Biden didn’t do particularly well in college at all.

Biden attended the University of Delaware at Newark, where he earned a degree in history and political science in 1965. According to Paul Taylor’s See How they Run: Electing the President in an Age of Mediaocracy, Biden graduated 506 out of 688 in his class. Somehow, he managed to get into the Syracuse University College of Law. There, he admits that he underperformed as a law student, unlike Barack Obama, who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law.

Read more about Joe Biden’s University background, and check out the college records of Barack Obama, John McCain, and Sarah Palin.

Common Misspellings: Joseph Biden, Joseph Biden Jr., Jo Biden, Joe Byden, Joe Bidin

College Records of the 2008 Presidential Candidates

So how did Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin fare in college?  What were their GPAs?  What courses did they take and excel in, and what gave them problems?

I investigated this question today, and sadly, it was difficult to find solid answers.  After all, GPAs and other information about college performance is confidential information.  When I was a professor, I couldn’t even tell parents how their kids were doing in classes, much to their frustration.  That’s the law.

Nonetheless, when an individual applies to grad school, or when they apply to a competitive job where intelligence matters quite a bit, they are asked to submit their GPA and their college transcripts.  And that’s why it irks me that information about the candidates’ college records are not readily available.   After all, the American people are about to hire two of these candidates to crucially important positions.  Shouldn’t we have this information about their accomplishments — or lack thereof– in higher education?  No, GPA isn’t a direct indicator of intelligence and future success, but it certainly is one indicator.

At any rate, here’s the information that’s out there about the college records of Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin.

Vice Presidential Debate at Washington University in St. Louis

Vice Presidential candidates will have their first chance to face-off in person tonight, during the VP debate at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. The debate hosting honors have been Wash U’s for every election since 1992.

While the facts being shared by Joe Biden and Sarah Palin might be, well, debatable – here are some facts about Washington University in St. Louis that you might not have known (and probably can’t be disputed!). Other famous faces who’ve walked the hallowed halls at Washington University, and walked away with a degree, include the following. Their alumni also include 27 Nobel Prize recipients.

  • Harold Ramis, 1966, Co-Writer “Animal House”
  • Peter Sarsgaard, 1995, Actor
  • Tennessee Williams, 1936, Playwright
  • Steve Fosset, 1968, Adventurer
  • George Zimmer, 1970, Founder Men’s Warehouse (we guarantee it!)
  • Conde Nast, 1897, publisher Vogue magazine
  • George Herbert Walker, 1897, Founder of Walker Cup; great-grandfather to President George W. Bush

Established in 1853, it is a private university with an undergrad enrollment of about 7,400, post-grad of about 6,200 and faculty of about 3,100. They’re quite proud of their institution, have an incredibly selective enrollment process (for the class of 2011 it was 19%). Tuition is about $33,700/year with room and board topping $10,000.

The school is very tech-friendly, offering Internet more than 10,000 internet connections throughout the campus, and 2,500 computers available for student use.

More than 70% of the student body resides in campus housing, where alcohol is allowed on campus. For students interested in being active in university activities, there are more than 200 organizations, including honors groups, newspaper, government, musical and religious groups. For those interested in Greek life, there are 12 fraternities and 12 sororities, with 50% of students participating. Athletic types can show their talents in one of the 19 varsity sports.

Washington University in St. Louis is located in one of the United States’ major cities- so even if life on campus isn’t appealing, the bustling city is sure to accommodate your interests.

Joe Biden’s University Background

Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee for vice president, alongside running mate Barack Obama. He’s well-known for his commitment to his homestate of Delaware, and most of his educational background doesn’t venture too far outside those borders either. Take a look at his high school and college alma maters and see if you share any with him.

joe biden

High School:
Archmere Academy (private)
Claymont, DE
Graduated 1961

University of Delaware at Newark
Double-major Bachelor’s Degree in History and Political Science
Graduated 1965

Syracuse University College of Law
Juris Doctorate (J.D.)
Graduated 1968


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