The Kno Is an Alternative Way to Use Digital Textbooks

the-kno-digital-textbookThere’s a new competitor in the e-reader market. To the list that includes the iPad, the Nookstudy, and Kindle, add The Kno. The Kno seeks to set itself apart from its competitors with its hinged two-screen construction that opens just like a book. You may have heard of The Kno under its previous name, KaKai.

The Kno truly seeks to offer all the same features as the iPad. It has a web browser, the capacity to download and store textbooks, watch videos, and take notes. The screen can be manipulated by touch or using a stylus, which can also be used to take notes like writing with a pen. Within textbooks, students can highlight, use sticky notes, or write “directly” on the page or in the margins. There’s also a keyboard function. In-text links can be accessed right from the e-textbook. It even has features to help you study and organize your assignments.

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Kindle Like Dual-Screen Reader Aimed at Education Market

kakaiReports of the, up until now, stealth company KaKai are surfacing of a “kindle like” device aimed solely at the education market. Osman Rashid, who also owns Chegg, a textbook rental company, is said to demo the dual-screen education tablet in the upcoming months.

According to Kara Swisher at AllthingsD.com, “BoomTown has found out exactly what [Osman & Kakai] are up to via reports of a concept video the company has shown potential investors and interviews with several sources close to the situation. In simplest terms, it’s essentially a Kindle for students.”

Little is known about the device and service, outside of the following limited facts:

  • Navigation and core functions will be a gesture-based
  • Designed with portability in mind, will feel like a mix between notepad and book
  • Foldable dual screen
  • Will be paired with a custom software suite and interlinked website.

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