kelsey in spain

kelsey in spain

Study Abroad Visit to La Catedral de Sevilla [VIDEO TOUR]

Sevilla, Spain is probably the prettiest city I have ever seen. It is the perfect mix of old and new, big and small, and the nightlife is amazing!

What fascinates me the most are the centuries-old buildings that are still being used today. The thought that a building has been around for almost a thousand years and that I can walk through it today is just mind blowing. But when you consider a building as beautiful as La Catedral de Sevilla, it is absolutely breathtaking!

La Catedral de Sevilla is a beautiful cathedral and has a deep cultural significance in Sevilla. Watch the video below to take a firsthand tour with me inside La Catedral de Sevilla.

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How to Stay Connected When Studying Abroad [VIDEO]

I am absolutely in love with Sevilla, Spain: I love the people, the food, the atmosphere, the historical buildings. I love everything.

But, I also love my people back home, like my friends and family, whom I miss terribly.

Here are some of my (cheap or free) tips for keeping your relationship back home strong while you are living in a foreign country. They can be applied to any type of relationship – romantic, friendship, or family – and will help you stay connected to the people you care about the most.

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Flamenco Dancing in Spain

flamenco dancingFlamenco dancing is considered a huge part of the Spanish culture; interestingly enough, it is actually only widely popular in Andalusia, the southern part of Spain, where Seville is located and where I am studying abroad.

I had the opportunity to attend a flamenco show in Granada, Spain this weekend. Here is a video of the show I enjoyed. I hope you enjoy it too!

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Living Abroad with a Host Family

Many students who choose to study abroad also live with a host family. This is usually called a “homestay” study abroad experience.

Living with a new family can be a stressful experience. You are combining two different cultures and trying to make them live as a family for six weeks, a semester, or even a year. It can be very awkward. So here are my tips for a successful homestay experience.

I am currently living with a host family here in Sevilla, Spain. However, it is not what you would expect a typical family to be like. My family consists of my “mom,” a 74-year-old woman named Rosa, and her adult daughter, Christina, who is 40-years-old. This is not a strange thing though; most host families are not your typical family with a mom, dad and two kids.

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How to Eat Healthy While Studying Abroad

mediterrenean dietOne of the hardest things to adjust to when you are studying abroad can be the food.

This might come as a shock, but they do not have Chili’s or Taco Bell on every street corner, like we do in the States. And let me tell you, when you get done dancing at 4:00 in the morning, nothing sounds better than some T-Bell.

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