Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Young Celebrities Who Are Choosing Not to Go to College

Young celebrities face a difficult decision: is it better to pursue their careers while they’re hot or an education to ensure a future? It’s a very hard choice; the newest starlet can never know how long she will remain popular, so she has to choose between the volatile celebrity lifestyle or the more reliable college education.

Honestly, I am not sure which I would choose if I was a young star in Hollywood today. Both options are appealing for their own reasons. I mean, who wouldn’t love to get dressed up to attend movie premiers in designer clothes on a regular basis? But then again, having a college education can take you a long ways in this world.

EDUinReview has told you of many celebrities who have earned their college degree. However, many others choose not to attend college. According to the Huffington Post, here are 10 celebrities who are choosing the red carpet in favor of the school library.

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Dakota Fanning Balances Homework With Hollywood

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Dakota Fanning: Photo via

While many high school students are balancing after school jobs, clubs, athletics and school work, 16-year-old Dakota Fanning somehow manages to be one of the most popular young actresses in Hollywood while still finding time for her homework.

In the Twilight Saga: Eclipse, premiering later at the end of June, Fanning reprises her role as Volturi Jane and told People Magazine that star Kristen Stewart is one of her best friends.

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