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Las Vegas

Student Sues Prostitute for 1.8 Million

A New York City college student is suing a Las Vegas prostitute for committing an “illegal sexual act” on him, the Las Vegas Sun reported late Thursday.

Earlier this month, Hubert Blackman filed a law suit against the dance company called Las Vegas Exclusive Personals. He is seeking a $275 refund plus another $1.8 million.

“I would like the court to close the business,” he said in the suit. “I also would like to get my $275 payment back and a $1.8 million verdict for the tragic event that happened.”

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High School Teacher Kills Himself at School

western-high-schoolThe community at Western High School in Las Vegas is shocked by the tragic news of Michael Roberts’ death. The high school science teacher shot himself in the head on Monday afternoon in the middle of campus. “At about 2:30, one single shot was heard by the staff here at Western High School,” said Lt. Ken Young, Clark County School District Police. School was not in session.

“It’s a big tragedy,” former student Christopher Thompson told KNTV. “In the middle of the day‚Ķ I’m thankful that school wasn’t in session. I wouldn’t want the kids to see something like that.” Staff members dialed 911 after they heard a shot, and the body was discovered by police.

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Graduates Beware: Worst Places to Live in the U.S.



As a newly minted graduate, I frequently get asked why I chose to move all the way from Michigan to New York. The simple answer is there are more writing jobs to be found in New York. For many recent college grads there’s one issue that determines where they live or move: jobs.

I was actually surprisingly pleased to see that the Motor City didn’t come up as first on this list of worst places to live in U.S. from Wallet Pop. The major factors considered include the number of foreclosures, health and fitness of the population, crime rate and unemployment.

Here’s how the nation’s cities ranked:

10. Memphis, Tennessee

Not only does Memphis have a crime rate that’s 90% higher than any other community in Tennessee, it also suffers from corruption among city officials. Not long ago, a city administrator used government funds to purchase big screen TVs.

9. Miami, Florida

Florida may be the sunshine state, but things are not looking so bright in Miami. According to Children’s Health, it’s the second worst city to raise a family. It’s had nearly 40,000 foreclosures and also has a considerable problem with violent crime.

8. Newark, New Jersey

First of all, New Jersey has the most Superfund sites of any other state in the union, meaning its residents are exposed to high levels of environmental pollution. More than a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line, and the city is making drastic cuts to public services in an attempt to close a $70 million budget deficit.

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Popular Summer Vacation Destinations in the U.S.

family-vacationDue to the recent economic downfall many students, graduates and families are no longer taking lavish international vacations for summer break. Many are, however, choosing to explore America for a quick weekend or week-long trip, particularly these recently popular destinations:

Beauty: Texas Hill Country has stunning rolling green hills that rival the beauty of Tuscany or Southern France. Surprisingly the area is known for its 22 wineries, year round food and music festivals and German inspired schnitzelhausers and biergartens.

Active Lifestyle: The New Hampshire Trails Bureau boasts 800,000 acres of biking trails and rugged terrain, commonly called the Moab of the East. Bikers will also be pleased to discover the hidden waterfalls and forests at the Cherry Mountain Loop at nearby Twin Mountain. Read the rest of this entry »


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