“Clickers” on the Rise in Lecture Halls

class participation technologyMore professors are handing out hand-held devices at the start of lectures, in a effort to foster class participation. The small, wireless “clickers” are reminiscent of a remote control, but only feature a few buttons. Professors can get immediate feedback, and see who’s paying attention, by asking students to respond to a question with the device.

More than half a million are using clickers this fall, reports The New York Times. Some professors ask students to use the clickers to see if they understand a concept. The clickers also make it harder for students to snooze or get distracted, when they know that a failure to participate will be registered.

Many students resent the devices, it makes them feel overly monitored. “I actually kind of like it,” said Jasmine Morris, a senior at Northwestern. “It does make you read. It makes you pay attention. It reinforces what you’re supposed to be doing as a student.” Harvard, Vanderbilt, and the University of Arizona are among the many other colleges capitalizing on this technology.

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PostSecret Announces Fall 2010 Live Tour Dates and Locations

Frank Warren, creator of PostSecret, speaking at Pop!Tech in 2008

Frank Warren, creator of PostSecret, speaking at Pop!Tech in 2008

Every year college students attend one of the most interesting lectures across America.

PostSecret Live is a multi-media presentation by Frank Warren, the founder of the ongoing community art project/experiment where people around the world mail in secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. The project is called PostSecret and every Sunday Frank uploads a selection of scanned copies of the postcards he receives to his home that he shares with his wife Jan, daughter Hailey and dog Shadow.

In the presentation, Frank speaks about the process of the experiment and the publication of his four PostSecret books. He also shows postcards that were banned from the New York Times #1 best-selling books, and invites people to the microphone to share a secret with the crowd. There are also inspirational and funny stories behind the secrets that are told.

Students may also meet Frank following the presentation for a book signing.

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