School District Loses Anti-LGBT Discrimination Case

High school students in Camdenton, Missouri, can access Exodus International and People Can Change from their school computers. These websites are published by anti-gay organizations that offer advice for men and women who do not want to be gay. Essentially, they are telling people how to deny their natural feelings and pretend to be heterosexual.

The fact that students can access these controversial websites from a school computer is one thing, but when you take into consideration the websites that the school blocks, this becomes much more disturbing. Although students at Camdenton High School can access anti-gay websites, they cannot access websites that are supportive of LGBT people due to a Web filter that the school has been using.

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LBGT-Friendly Colleges are Recruiting High School Seniors

lgbt campus finderThousands of college fairs each year try to recruit students. Attending a college fair can be a great way to get a feel for a school, talk to admissions officers, and chat with actual college students about what the school is really like. There are general college fairs, where every school from the Ivy Leagues to community colleges are present, and then there are more specific fairs, which can be directed towards a specific major or career path.

And now, there are college fairs that feature schools that want to recruit gay students.

One of the first college fairs that focused on recruiting gay students was recently held in Greenwich Village at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center. The goal of this fair was to help students find a school where they would feel comfortable and safe, according to Shane L. Windmeyer, the co-founder of Campus Pride, a national organization that promotes safe college environments for gay students and that sponsored the event.

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