llicit drugs

llicit drugs

Naval Academy Expels Midshipmen for Smoking Spice

Seven Naval Academy midshipmen have been expelled for violating the Navy’s substance abuse policy by smoking a substance called “spice”.

Although the Naval Academy would not identify the midshipmen, those who were expelled included both juniors and sophomores. Spice is a banned substance within the departments of defense including the Navy. Spice is a mixture of herbs and spices that is chemically similar to marijuana and the effects that are felt after smoking spice are similar to those felt after smoking marijuana. It is typically marketed as fake weed and can be purchased in tobacco shops and on the internet.

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Ivy League Drug Ring Taken Down in NYC

Columbia UniversityFive Columbia University students were taken to court yesterday for running a drug selling ring out of their fraternity. The students were found in possession of a variety of illegal and controlled substances, including marijuana, cocaine, Adderall, LSD, and ecstasy pills. Officials also seized over $6,000 in cash.

A report on the Today Show revealed that each of the students sold different drugs, and referred to customers to each other. They sold their goods to fellow students from their dorm rooms. They were busted by an undercover police officer who posed as a “college-age drug middle man.” The New York Police dubbed the investigation “Operation Ivy League,” but few seem to be surprised that there’s a market for drugs at the elite university.

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