Middle School Students Take Locker Decorations to a Whole New Level

two teen girls next to decorated lockerBack when I was in middle school, I decorated my locker with pictures of *NSync, all my friend, and a paper flower that my crush had given me.  It was actually pretty awesome, not gonna lie. But today, middle schoolers are putting my feeble attempt at locker-decoration to shame.

Allow me to introduce Nola Storey. Storey is an 11-year old student at Rye Middle School in New York. Her locker decorations go above and beyond anything I could have thought of. Her locker is equipped with a polka-dot chandelier, zebra-print wallpaper, and a lime green shag rug.

“I’ve had a bunch of people stop by my locker, and say, ‘Wow, your locker’s so cool,'” Storey said.

Other trends in the locker-decorating craze include motion-sensor lamps that turn on when the locker door opens, magnetic wallpapers, and furry carpets.

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PETA Pitches Anti-Dissection Ads in Schools

PETA Ads on Lockers

EDU in Review just recently brought you the article about the Centennial School District in Minneapolis, Minnesota and their plans to review and vote on a proposal to sell advertising space on school lockers to generate money for the school system.

The history making decision is scheduled to be decided on November 1, 2010 and political activist group PETA has sent a letter to the school board’s office to submit an anti-dissection advertisement, now that they have learned of the school’s potential plan. Read the rest of this entry »


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