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College Presidents Meet with Obama to Discuss Graduation Rates, College Costs

President Barack Obama Official Portrait President Obama asked to meet with a dozen university presidents in a round-table discussion on Monday. Some of the educators in attendance included Carnegie Mellon University President Jared L. Cohon, California State University Long Beach President F. King Alexander, University of Maryland Baltimore County Freeman A. Hrabowski III and Ivy Tech Community College President Mr. Thomas Snyder. In addition to the presidents, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan and two representatives from nonprofit education organizations were also in attendance. Topics surrounded tuition affordability and productivity of U.S. higher education.

“It was an unusually interesting meeting, and not your usual list of college presidents,” Jane Wellmansaid, founder and director of the nonprofit Delta Project, which studies the price of tuition. “These were all people who had led institutions that had done something about reducing spending or improving student learning.”

Wellman said there was good discussion on how to decrease tuition costs and what type of role the government should have in increasing graduation rates. Some of the

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Foundations to Offer School Programs $506 Million to Match Federal Grants

Funding CheckA dozen wealthy foundations have announced that they will be collaborating to donate $506 million to match the federal grant funding program Investing in Innovation.

The foundations specifically are looking to invest in programs that encourage innovation in the classroom and also create new and innovative ideas for strengthening low-performing schools.

The foundations supporting the Investing in Innovation program include the following:

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