Brown Bag Lunch Ideas to Save You Money

brown bag lunchMost college students are living on a fixed budget. There are so many expenses that steal your money, little is left over to feed yourself. Buying your meals everyday from the school cafeteria can add up fast, and personally, I don’t like to spend a big chunk of my weekly “allowance” on food at the school cafeteria. However, I usually don’t have enough time to go off campus to get something to eat either. As a result, I brown bag it most days.

While bringing my own lunch is a much cheaper and healthier option than getting French fries and a burger every day, it can get boring. A girl can only eat pb&j so many times before the mere thought makes her mouth feel sticky with peanut butter.

Here are some of my favorite alternatives to the boring sandwich-and-chips brown bag lunch to jazz up your meals without putting a big dent in your pocketbook. Read the rest of this entry »

Teacher Raises Awareness for School Lunches

fed up with school lunchSchool cafeterias. Not one of our fondest memories from grade school. From the dried up tator tots to the lumpy mashed potatoes, school lunches need as much of a makeover as many of the country’s public education school districts.

In recent years, school lunches have been under the radar screen for their nutrition content. And after evaluations, many school lunch programs have received failing report card grades. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Fast-Food Better than School Lunches?

school lunchImagine sitting down at a table and having to choose between a brown paper bag full of hamburgers and chicken sandwiches from a local fast food joint or a school cafeteria tray loaded up with lasagna and mashed potatoes.

Which one would you think is healthier and meets the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s standards for a healthy school lunch?

Read the rest of this entry »


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