Major Reefer: The 5 Most Marijuana-Friendly Colleges

It’s been a banner year for weed. Washington and Colorado made pot smoking and possession legal, hemp was declared the next ‘it’ food, and a former Microsoft executive announced plans to launch the “Starbucks of marijuana.” The widespread legalization of mary jane is a hot button issue among pundits and barstool intellectuals alike, and we may only be a few short years away from total decriminalization of toking.


In Washington, the boys in blue are even getting in on the action. At the 22nd annual Seattle Hempfest, local cops will be handing out Doritos festooned with stickers directing smokers to an online FAQ page called, “Marijiwhatnow? A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use in Seattle, this will help those who need marijuana seeds as well.

The new legality of marijuana in Washington and Colorado is a blurred line at best. You can’t smoke in public, it’s difficult and confusing to legally buy the stuff, and federal law still prohibits marijuana and all of its uses. For ganja lovers, it’s a step in the right direction nonetheless.

As the fall semester rears its shiny new head, clouds of smoke will begin to converge over these five college campuses, all of which The Princeton Review deemed the most marijuana friendly schools. Let’s hash it out.

1. Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY


This comes as no surprise, as someone was obviously high when they named this school. Apparently the administration thought pot use was getting a little too friendly when they banned all public 4/20 celebrations in 2009. (Students designed a shopping cart sized bong in the shape of an octopus.) Skidmore spokesman Dan Forbush took a shot at The Princeton Review, saying their approach “trivializes and obscures the fact that regular use of marijuana has been shown to have many serious consequences, especially in young people.” And that’s why faculty don’t get to vote in the “Reefer Madness” category. Read the rest of this entry »

More Than 100 College Professors Sign Letter to Legalize Marijuana

More than 100 college professors signed their names on a letter advocating the legalization of marijuana. The letter was released yesterday by the campaign Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.

The letter was signed by professors from all over the nation, including several from the state of Colorado, as reported by Matt Ferner of The Huffington Post.

The release of the letter coincided with President Obama’s campaign stop at Colorado State University yesterday, during which he aimed to discuss issues that affect college-age voters, such as college tuition.

However, the supporters present were hoping to rally some discussion about Amendment 64 instead – the amendment that’s seeking to legalize and regulate marijuana so that retailers like OrganicCBDNugs and Intrinsic Hemp can sell it in the form of medical cannabis.

Colorado isn’t alone in its push for legalization. Washington and Oregon have marijuana legalization initiatives on their November ballots as well.

So, why are so many college educators from across the nation in support of these initiatives and nationwide legalization? The professors range from law, health, economics, and criminal justice fields, and all seem to have strong feelings on the subject. Read the rest of this entry »

Students Celebrating 4/20 at UC-Boulder Could be Fined or Arrested

It’s not a secret that many people think of The University of Colorado at Boulder as a party school. This could be due, in part, to the school’s annual “4/20 smokeout,” which takes place every April 20th in a field near the campus dorms. The event has never been sponsored nor endorsed by the school, but many students participate in the event and smoke marijuana. This year, the school is starting to crack down on the partying and is threatening anyone who is caught lighting up with at least a $100 ticket and some might be arrested.

“4/20 damages the reputation of the university and of every students enrolled here,” said CUSG Vice President for External Affairs Brooks Kanski. “Do any search online of CU-Boulder and what will invariably pop up is an image or video of 4/20. Questions about 4/20 plague CU graduates in job interviews. It’s time for all of this to end.”

The school plans to take several measures to enforce its new policies. For example, school officials will be patrolling parking spaces and enforcing parking rules to keep people from smoking in parking lots. They also plan to have enhanced patrols and presence from the state police. The school’s student government is also backing up this new stance against marijuana smoking on campus. Read the rest of this entry »

High School Students Arrested for Selling Drugs to Police

handcuffs on white backgroundIf you are a Drew Barrymore fan like me, you’ve seen her movie, Never Been Kissed. If not, then let me give you a quick breakdown of the movie: a woman in her 20s goes back to high school, poses as a teenager, and gets to know the students. It’s a cute movie, but I always thought it seemed a little unrealistic. However, after ten high school students were arrested last week by an undercover police officer who had been posing as a fellow student for four months, I guess it seems a little bit more realistic to me now.

On January 11, 2012, 10 students from Angleton High in Texas were arrested for selling prescription drugs and marijuana. They were discovered by an undercover police officer who was pretending to be a fellow student. The police department will not say whether the undercover officer was male or female, but that he/she is “very young looking.”

“Basically the school district reached out to us,” said Lt. Chris Reioux, head of the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office narcotics division. “We provided the undercover officer and funded the operation and they took care of getting the officer enrolled in the school.”

Five of the students who were arrested are over 18, while the other five will be face charges as juveniles. Their names have not been released yet. Two former students were also arrested. There have been 28 separate charges filed against these people related to selling drugs to the undercover officer.

Read the rest of this entry »

Teens Drinking Less, Using More Marijuana

According to Fox News, the United States government conducts a yearly study to estimate how many pre-teen and teenagers are using drugs and which drugs are most popular. The survey was released by the National Institutes of Health and though it revealed some good news, it came as a shock that some drug classes are seeing an increase in use.

The teenage binge drinking rate was at its highest in 1998, at 31.5 percent, but teen drinking is on the decline. In the last year, it’s dropped down to 23.2 percent. I realize it could be (and should be) lower, but when compared to what it was 10 years ago, it’s hard not to be pleased with the number!

Read the rest of this entry »

Marijuana Legalization Supported by Prominent Law Professors

marijuanaIt’s hard to imagine my straight-laced professors, or any professor for that matter, pushing for the legalization of marijuana.

Seventy-five law professors signed an open letter to California voters that says they’re in favor of Proposition 19.

The California proposition, a ballot motion for of-age adults that would make it legal to grow and use cannabis for recreational purposes, would also allow local governments to monitor and regulate the usage of marijuana.

Prominent signatures on the proposition’s open letter include Randy Barnett from Georgetown, Alan Dershowitz from Harvard and Alexander Volokh from Emory.

“We write this open letter to encourage a wholesale rethinking of marijuana policy in this country,” the professors wrote. “We find the present policies toward marijuana to be bankrupt, and urge their rethinking.” Read the rest of this entry »

Rutgers University Won’t Grow Marijuana

There will be no marijuana growing at Rutgers University, the largest university in New Jersey. Gov. Chris Christie requested that Rutgers become the only grower of New Jersey’s medical marijuana crop.pot leaf

The university declined the request and made a statement last Friday voicing concerns of marijuana’s status as an illegal drug. The university also fears that growing the medicinal plant could mean losing millions of dollars in federal funding. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Weird College Degrees

Many students in liberal arts programs have encountered some very specialized and unusual majors. But dedicating your entire college degree to a strange subject is something different. We’ve rounded up some of the strangest college degrees out there–in case you were feeling limited by more traditional degree offerings.diploma

1. Tracking UFOs

In 2008, the University of Melbourne, Australia awarded Martin Plowman with a PhD in UFOlogy. He studied at the School of Culture and Communication, where he examined the history and cultural implications of UFO sightings around the globe. When asked if he thought UFOs really exist, Dr. Plowman said he was open-minded. “When a person tells me they have seen something in the sky that they can’t explain I tend to believe them,’’ he added. Niagra County Community College in New York is considering implementing a UFO major at its school. Read the rest of this entry »

High School Yearbook Promotes Smoking Marijuana, K2

K2 As a past yearbook editor for my high school I know firsthand how published articles have generated controversy and in some extreme cases, led to court litigation.

In the 2010 Shawnee Mission West High School yearbook in Kansas, a two-page spread depicts students’ opinions and experiences with marijuana and K2 (a synthetic marijuana substitute that was not illegal when the article was written but is now illegal in the state of Kansas.)

K2 “…hits you a lot cleaner and faster,” said a student dubbed “John Marley” in the article.

Since the article does not describe any negative effects of using the illegal products, school officials have received complaints about the article, especially considering that the one of the photographs is a blurred picture of a teen smoking. Read the rest of this entry »


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