Sell Burritos, Get Paid as a Chipotle Student Brand Manager

Students, are you a fan of Chipotle? If so, there is an opportunity for you to become a student brand manager for the fast-casual restaurant. In order to bring Chipotle to your high school or university you must be 16 or older and be actively involved on your campus.

What exactly will your duties be as a Chipotle Student Brand Manager? You will have to promote the yummy burritos and tacos to fellow students on campus. You’ll be representing the brand, looking for opportunities that will let other students know that Chipotle is on campus, and using social media to promote the brand. Don’t worry – you won’t be doing this all on your own. Chipotle will offer guidance from their marketing representatives.

The company is offering a real-world experience for students who are looking for a career in the marketing industry. In other words, it is similar to an internship for college students because they have to attend two full academic semesters at their university and must work on Chipotle projects for five to ten hours per week. Read the rest of this entry »

Colleges Use Facebook More Effectively Than Students Do

Facebook logoMost students have a Facebook account. If not a Facebook account, they probably have some other form of social media that they use to stay connected with their friends, follow trends, and network themselves.

However, would you be surprised if 100 percent of U.S. schools that were polled say they are also using social media to do the same things? Well, according to a recent study conducted at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, you shouldn’t be surprised at all because this is completely true.

“Prospective students, parents, current students, alumni – one common area in which they are all present in one or another is on Facebook,” said Kevin Morrow, the executive director of public affairs at Syracuse University. This explains why 98 percent of the universities surveyed said they have a presence on this social media website.

So, most schools are using social media to reach a large audience. But the ways they are using it vary by school and by purpose.

“The book hasn’t been written [on how to use social media],” said Michael Kaltenmark, director of web marketing and communications at Butler University. “We’re still figuring it out on a daily basis.”

So how are schools using social media? Hint, they are not just posting pictures from last weekend’s football game. Here are the top seven ways they are connecting with their “fans” on a daily basis:

  1. Read the rest of this entry »

Companies Target College Students by Using “Campus Evangelists”

American Eagle Outfitters LogoDo you remember moving into the dorms your freshman year? For me, it took about a gazillion trips up and down the elevators in order to get all of my stuff moved in, with only my parents to help. Lucky for Lelia Ismail, her freshman move-in experience at the University of North Carolina was a little bit easier. Why? Ismail had a team of upperclassmen who were all dressed in identical American Eagle Outfitters clothes to help her move in to her dorm room.

Wait a second: isn’t college about finding your own identity and expressing yourself as an individual? Why would these upperclassmen all be wearing the exact same thing? Because they are “campus evangelists” for the popular teen clothing store.

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University of Phoenix Launching Continuing Education School

Working professionals and adults that want to increase their knowledge will now have a chance to take continuing education courses at the University of Phoenix. The University of Phoenix, owned by the Apollo Group, will soon be offering the School of Continuing Education for current professionals and working adults. The individual classes and certificate programs will start this year and will focus on teaching and training students in rapidly-changing technologies. The curriculum for the School of Continuing Education will build on some of the existing curriculum already available at the University of Phoenix.

Al De Seta is the new dean and executive director of the School of Continuing Education. He believes that in order to stay competitive, people must demonstrate and increase their value to employers. Continued learning and professional development are some of the best ways to exhibit this. This new program will allow people to gain new skills and expertise while strengthening their careers and their personal brands.

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The Best Marketing Schools in the U.S.

marketing womenOne of the more fun and flashy careers around is marketing. Marketing has a pretty broad scope, but generally involves the process of companies creating customer interest in the products or services they sell. Everything from commercials to direct mail to product placement in movies is a product of the marketing industry. Growth Marketing as a career has been very popular because it involves different elements of creativity which opens up a lot of career opportunities.

Whether you decide to go into corporate marketing or work for an ad agency, it’s important to get good experience from your college courses and internships. Receiving an internship will offer you real life experience that looks great on a resume, which can be done while still in college earning your undergraduate degree. Read the rest of this entry »

eCampus Entourage Helps Students Save on Textbooks

eCampus-EntourageFinding money for expensive textbooks can be a major source of stress for college students, with many campus bookstores selling at premium rates. The online textbook source is launching a new program that might make saving money on books a little easier. It’s called eCampus Entourage, a loyalty program designed to reward college students for promoting the eCampus textbook site and recruiting their friends.

The eCampus site offers a number of money-saving solutions, such as textbook rentals. It’s free to join on, which gives members 5% off everything at, and a unique coupon code. Read the rest of this entry »

Bros Icing Bros Shut Down; Smirnoff Not Involved with ICED Game

Iced You Smirnoff IcePerhaps the only news article getting more press than the World Cup is the story sweeping the nation about the new college drinking game ICED.

If you have no idea what I am referring to check out my previous Bros Icing Bros Drinking Game blog explaining the game (someone is handed a Smirnoff Ice and they have to drop to their knees and drink it on the spot). In the blog I included a photo from the website that was probably the biggest advertising agent for the game, (Bro is jargon for a fraternity member, similar to frat boy). published consumer-generated photos of “bros” getting “iced” and has received media attention and probably increased consumer rates for Diageo, the company that produces the sugary malt beverage Smirnoff Ice. Previously many media outlets were suggesting that the ‘Bros Icing Bros’ phenomenon was a guerrilla marketing campaign started by Smirnoff themselves, along with the game.

The company has firmly from the beginning denied these allegations. Since the publication of our article the site has been taken down and it is presumably because of Smirnoff. The only text on the website is “We had a good run Bros.” Read the rest of this entry »

Bros Icing Bros Drinking Game Sweeping College Campuses

Smirnoff ICED BRO

UPDATE: Bros Icing Bros Shut Down; Smirnoff Not Involved with ICED Game

I have to admit that my first experience with the newly popular drinking game referred to as “being ICEd” was when I saw a friend tweeting about “icing” someone.

The game, now getting national media coverage, has swept college campuses, and the premise of the game is pretty simple, yet most Americans are still confused on the concept.

To play you must give a friend a Smirnoff Ice, a sugary malt beverage, and they must drink it while down on one knee. If your friend is carrying a hidden bottle themselves in hopes of “icing” someone else, and you find the bottle, they must drink their own bottle as well. Also, according to the unpublished rules, there are two ways to stop an attack: refusing to participate and carrying a bottle. Therefore many students are buying Smirnoff drinks and carrying them with them wherever they go to avoid playing the game. Read the rest of this entry »

Oberlin Students Design and Sell T-shirts on Campus

Photo by David Maxwell for The New York Times From left, Margot Hanley, Karl Orozco and Justin Halliwill with newly designed T-shirts meant to capture the Oberlin College sensibility.

Photo by David Maxwell for The New York Times. From left, Margot Hanley, Karl Orozco and Justin Halliwill with newly designed T-shirts meant to capture the Oberlin College sensibility.

Oberlin College’s bookstore recently held a fashion show to release student-designed t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts as part of a seven-week entrepreneurship contest.

“We wanted a ‘Project Runway’ kind of event, but of course Finney Chapel doesn’t have a runway, so it was more a fashion show,” said Andrea Kalyn, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the director of the project.

“I am completely excited to see my work bought and worn,” said Karl Orozco, a freshman who was one of the contest’s winners.

The winning designs are being sold at the bookstore and most are quirky designs that the judges thought would appeal to the unique dynamic of Oberlin College.

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Pepsi to Pull out of Schools by 2012

pepsi vendingIn its fight against childhood obesity, The World Heart Federation has been negotiating in recent months with soft drink makers to get them to remove sugar-sweetened beverages from schools. And now they are starting to enjoy the fruits of their labor, as Pepsi just announced this week that they plan on pulling all of their fully-sweetened drinks from schools in the U.S., and in more than 200 countries total, by 2012.

Coca-Cola, the leading soft drink maker in the world, has also made positive moves in a similar direction. This month their global sales policy was amended to not sell any of their beverages in primary schools world-wide, unless parents or school districts request them. However, this policy is not applicable to secondary schools.

Pepsi plans to sell only water, fat-free or low-fat milk, and juices that contain no added sugar in primary schools. In secondary schools they will sell those same products, plus Diet Pepsi and other low-calorie soft drinks. Read the rest of this entry »


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