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Can Alzebra iPhone App Teach Kindergarteners Algebra?

alzebra-iphone-appThe creator of the Number Sense iPhone app, Mathomatix, has released another cute app to teach kindergartners about math. This round, they’re upping the ante with the claim that Alzebra can teach five-year-olds algebra.

While the Alzebra iPhone and iPod Touch app does teach children important pattern recognition skills, it seems like a stretch to call this algebra. Let us recall that algebra is the part of math that uses letters or other symbols to represent numerical quantities in equations.

Algebra claims aside, Alzebra comes equipped with five charmingly animated games: Pizza Mania, Tummy Time, Space Rock, Number Strike, and Sound Sequence. All the games involve some element of pattern recognition. Number Strike also develops hand-eye coordination. Tummy Time, a matching game using cartoon animals, uses the iPhone’s tilt sensor for a fun twist in game play: users move a character by tipping the device, not by touching the screen.

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Study for Geometry Class with the Geometry Stash iPhone App

geometry-stash-viewAre you taking or teaching a geometry class? Then you’ll want to check out the Geometry Stash iPhone App created by Apparent Etch, a useful quick-reference tool for iPhone. The app is a dictionary of geometry postulates and theorems, and each is illustrated with a diagram. Users can find terms by using a search, or scroll through the definitions alphabetically.

Geometry Stash has an additional feature that turns it into a teaching tool. Users can connect their iPhones to an external display with a VGA adapter and project the diagrams onto a bigger screen. This feature would be great in a class room or for a group study session.

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Obama Announces Change the Equation

change-the-equIn a White House press event this afternoon, President Obama announced an expansion to the Educate to Innovate program. The new initiative is called “Change the Equation” and will bring together 100 CEOs of major companies to help build better science, engineering, technology and math programs in the highest need communities. The initiative will encourage private partnerships with public school programs.

Introductory remarks were given by Ursula Burns, the CEO of Xerox and one of the leaders of the initiative. The President pointed out that companies participating in Change the Equation will not only be able to give back to their nation, but will also benefit in the long-term from improvement in science education, which aims to produce more engineers, scientists, and innovators. To illustrate the kind of programs Change the Equation envisions, he discussed a group of high school students who worked together to build a fuel-efficient car.

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How the CEO of Xerox Thinks We Can Improve US Education

ursula-burnsUrsula Burns, CEO of Xerox, addressed the question of education reform in a speech at the Detroit Economic Club this week. She said that schools need to focus on effectively teaching math and science, in order to make the US economy competitive on a global scale. She pointed out that 150,000 engineering jobs with salaries over $60,000 went unfilled two years ago, due to the lack of qualified applicants.

She decried the amount of money that is donated to educational institutes every year, yet results are still poor. “If you ran a business that invested a billion dollars with so little progress, you’d shut it down,” Burns said. She also said that young people need better mentors, who would be able to direct students towards careers that are not only interesting, but also needed and lucrative.

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California Schools Swap Textbooks for iPads

ipad-for-textbooksSix schools across four California school districts are testing a math curriculum that will feature iPads instead of textbooks. Four hundred iPads are being distributed to be used in Algebra classes. The schools are partnering with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which is providing the e-textbooks. Students to receive an iPad will be randomly selected, and their progress will be charted against students using traditional, bound textbooks.

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The Best Mathematics Schools in the U.S.

student in classCollege degrees are important and picking a major that you enjoy studying will help ensure you enjoy the career that hopefully results from that degree. For those who enjoy math, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics is a great, yet often overlooked, major. Math degrees can set the stage for a number of careers including an actuary, an applied mathematician, a pure mathematician, a statistician or a school math teacher. Those who have a way with numbers, work well independently and love problem solving could find a very fulfilling career in any one of these positions.

Despite the pictures you probably have in your head right now, a math degree doesn’t automatically limit you to solving math equations with paper and a pencil. Math degrees are useful in computer and information systems, health, the business industry or even operations research. The use of data and numbers makes it possible to apply your mathematics degree to many different career options. Like any degree, students that graduate from the best schools will find that they have an edge in their specific job market. Read the rest of this entry »

Dan Meyer Proposes a New Way to Teach Math to Students

“Can I ask you to recall a time when you really loved something?” Dan Meyer asked an audience at a recent convention. “A movie, an album, a song, or a book. And you recommended it wholeheartedly to someone you also really liked. You anticipated that reaction, you waited for it, and it came back and the person hated it. That is the exact same state that I spent every working day for the past six years.”math

What exactly is Dan Meyer’s job? It sounds completely awful to me.

Surprisingly – or maybe not so surprisingly – Dan Meyer is a high school math teacher. Meyer says he is providing a product (math education) that nobody wants to buy, but are required by law to do so. However, Meyer says that the future of math education is actually quite bright. Read the rest of this entry »

President Obama Announces New Plan to Further Science and Math Education

mathScience and math are two academic fields where the U.S.  faces tough challenges from other countries. Now, President Barack Obama, as part of his efforts to improve education in America, is striving to make these fields more appealing to students.

A new campaign called Educate to Innovate was announced in late November to promote science, technology, math, and engineering. The campaign will ask companies and nonprofit groups to donate time and money to encourage students to study in these fields.

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Fun Math App for iPhone: Digit Defenders

digit defenders iphoneR.Cloud Software has just released Digit Defenders – now available for you to download at the iTunes app store. Digit Defenders is an entertaining game of falling math problems, while still an educational tool for sharpening math skills. The object is to answer problems correctly before they fall off the screen. Players begin with basic arithmetic skills and work their way up to algebraic linear equations and college level quadratics.

Players of all ages can challenge their mental math skills from a preschool to college level. Even the quickest math whiz will be challenged, testing his speed and accuracy on the most difficult setting, as this unique yet educational iPhone game has very advanced math content for teens and 20-something college kids. However, if you are someone who simply wants to brush up on your math, the normal difficulty setting is ideal. Levels include simple counting, elementary and advanced arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and number base conversion. Read the rest of this entry »

Best New iPhone Education App: Mathemagics

mathemagics iphone appHave you ever wanted the ability to multiply at lightning fast speed like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman? Mathemagics allows you to do just that. You can practice and learn mental math calculation with this fun and engaging iPhone application, listed as one of the bestselling apps in the education category. Students can baffle their math teachers providing answers in record time, and teachers can inspire their students as they pull answers to math problems out of thin air. Read the rest of this entry »


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