The University of Washington Receives Fines for Animal Abuse in Medical Research Labs

University of Washington SealMany medical schools use monkeys every year as test subjects in their labs as part of an effort to advance medical knowledge. The Department of Agriculture inspects these facilities every year to prevent problems from occurring, and when problems do occur, they have to power to take action.

One school that seems to be having a lot of interventions from the Department of Agriculture is the University of Washington. Within the past five years, one monkey has died of malnutrition and two others were kept in cages that were too small for them. A scientist at the school was also fined because he performed too many surgeries on the same monkeys. In total, the school had to pay $10,893 in fines this year, and if there are repeat violations, the school will face much stricter fines.

“[The Department of Agriculture] finally got along to levying a fine which is $10,000 and the University gets millions of dollars in research money, so this is just a little drop in their bucket,” said Rachel Bjork of the Northwest Animal Rights Network. “They like to say they are doing groundbreaking research. They like to say they’re saving lives but I’m trying to understand the connection between sticking coils in a monkey’s eyes and saving a human life.”

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Doctors Must Now Pass Social Skills Tests to Attend Medical School

Have you ever been to a doctor who was a wonderful physician but an unfriendly person? When I had to spend a few days in the hospital last year, my doctor was like this; he had the worst bedside manner.

Luckily, doctors who are lacking proper people skills might soon be trained to behave better with the patients and nurses they work with on a daily basis. Virginia Tech Carilion is one of the first schools in this nation to require candidates to their medical school to go through a people skills test before they can be admitted to the school. Each candidate was required to go through nine brief interviews that evaluated the candidate on his or her social skills and abilities to communicate with others in the health care system.

“We are trying to weed out the students who look great on paper but haven’t developed the people or communication skills we think are important,” said the associate dean of admissions at the school, Dr. Stephen Workman.

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Cornell Receives $80 Million to Fund Research Center

cornell universityCornell University is receiving the largest gift the school has ever received from an individual. The University announced last Thursday that it was getting a gift of $80 millionĀ from alum David Atkinson.

Seventy-two-year-old Atkinson, who graduated from Cornell’s agriculture college in 1960, made his fortune on Wall Street and now owns and manages an investment firm.

The gift is to fund a research center that will produce more effective and less adverse practices in agriculture, medicine, energy and other constantly-changing arenas in economic growth. Read the rest of this entry »


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