Female Student Asks Boyfriend to Marry Her

gender symbolIt’s hard to believe that less than 100 years ago, women could not vote, own land, or enjoy many of the equal rights that we now enjoy. I know that things are not perfectly equal between the two genders, but I like to think that women are closing the gender gap more and more every day.

According to a recent study, the number of women who enrolled in higher education programs grew by 136 percent between 1970 and 2000. That’s a huge increase! The increase was even more substantial in professional school programs, where the number of female students increased by 853 percent.

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Women Bridging the Gender Gap in Science and Math

Women are becoming increasingly more common in the once predominantly male world of science and engineering. Although the female gender is underrepresented in math, science, and engineering faculty positions at major research universities, those who do apply are “interviewed and hired at rates equal to or higher than those for men,” according to a recent report from the National Research Council. Also noted in the study was that women who are considered “receive tenure at the same or higher rates than men.”Scientist

In a similar report this week, researchers at the University of Wisconsin reviewed a variety of studies and concluded that the “achievement gap between boys and girls in mathematics performance has narrowed to the vanishing point. U.S. girls have now reached parity with boys, even in high school and even for measures requiring complex problem solving,” the Wisconsin researchers said. Read the rest of this entry »


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