Mitchell W. Hill

Mitchell W. Hill

Sorority Girls Fall Victim to Online Sexual Predator

When a student is pledging a fraternity or sorority, often times the Greek organization will minimally investigate the student’s background to ensure that the member is an academically successful, morally responsible and sometimes athletic or philanthropic individual to ensure that the student is an appropriate addition to the Greek organization, and the Greek system as a whole.

Despite negative stereotypes that often plague the Greek community, fraternities and sororities pride themselves on the foundations that each member is socially, intellectually and morally profound and that organization members are some of the most athletic, academic, philanthropic and socially excelled students on campus.

Therefore, when 18 year-old Florida State University freshman Ashley Atchison received on online message from “Lexie” on August 31, 2010 via Facebook, who was claiming to have been assigned to screen Atchison’s past because she was pledging a sorority and specifically looking to take on new leadership roles, nobody thought that was out of the ordinary, invasive or alarming.

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