Montclair State

Montclair State

Traders to Teachers is Training Dislocated Finance Workers as Math Teachers

Since December of 2007, New Jersey’s financial sector has shed more than 16,000 jobs, with thousands of New Yorkers losing similar jobs in the city. In March, New Jersey State Legislature approved a program called Traders to Teachers, designed to turn unemployed finance professionals into math teachers in as little as three months. Montclair State University is offering free classes for candidates who are not required to have been math majors.

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Traders to Teachers will do more than retrain dislocated workers, it will also help to ease the state’s shortage of math teachers. The first 25 of the newly trained teachers are expected to be placed in teaching positions this coming January, with three more groups expected to be trained within a year, a Montclair State administrator said. To get more information about this you can visit Read the rest of this entry »

Universities Receive Millions from Anonymous Donor

Everyone knows that Cinderella had a fairy-godmother. Now some universities are also being blessed. The biggest difference? Cinderella knew her fairy-godmother and these universities have no idea who is giving them donations of up to $10 million.check

In the past few months, 12 universities have received a phone call from a banker saying that an anonymous person has donated money to the university. Shortly after the phone calls, two checks will arrive to the universities, the larger check earmarked for scholarships for women and minority students and the smaller earmarked for the recipient’s discretion.

Some of the universities that have received gifts are Binghamton University in New York, Montclair State Univeristy in New Jersey, the University of Southern Mississippi, Purdue University in Indiana, and Michigan State University. Read the rest of this entry »


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