Get Schooled: You Have the Right Airs September 8

get schooled“Get Schooled: You Have the Right.” What does that mean? The right to what? Well, on Tuesday, September 8 at 8 p.m., a nationwide television program will air on more than 20 different cable networks showing the importance of earning an education. Popular channels such as Nickelodeon, Spike TV, MTV, TV Land, and VH1 will all be showing this documentary.

The purpose of “Get Schooled: You Have the Right” is to teach students something that “your teachers can’t teach you. All the homework won’t help you understand. Because some lessons are too big for a classroom.”  The goal of Get Schooled is to start a movement to improve America’s standards for educational levels. Read the rest of this entry »

Financial Aid Needed for MTV’s ‘College Life’

A failing economy doesn’t mean less shows on TV, maybe just less quality. In an attempt to cut production costs on its new “College Life,” MTV has nixed the camera and sound crew. Instead, the cast of the network’s new reality show each has their own $500 camera, and no training. The behind-the-scenes editorial team is still in place, making moments like an exchange between a girl consoling an upset friend where the camera is sat down only to capture their butts more engaging.mtv-college-life

The cast of eight co-eds, four girls and four guys, share an insightful look at their college experience on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. They are all freshman, except for Josh the sophomore. The show filmed in fall 2008 at the start of their school year. In tonight’s premiere (April 13, 10:30pm EST/PST), they introduce their varied backgrounds and we get a feel for how they each fit the role of a typical college student. There’s the virgin, the drinker, the scholarship recipient, and so on. Read the rest of this entry »

The 9 Hottest Spring Break Destinations for 2009

Cancun is the most popular spring break destination.

Cancun is the most popular spring break destination.

Coeds everywhere are counting down the days until they trade their backpacks and study sessions for cocktails and naps on the beach. If your plans are still posted as TBD on the calendar, then use this list as a guide to help you pick the 9 hottest party spots this spring break. This list proves that Mexico still has the market cornered for spring break, but also boasts some in-country destinations that will let you wind down with new and old friends.

1. Cancun – This Mexican oasis is consistently unanimous with spring break. The clubs stay open far later than your campus dives, there are endless margaritas, and some of the most scenic views on earth. You’ll need to take a passport.

2. Bahamas and Jamaica – A tie for second leads spring breakers to two of the Caribbean’s most popular locales. Nassau in the Bahamas and Montego Bay or Negril in Jamaica are the ideal places to stay. Passports are required to take in the food, fun and drink of these spots. Read the rest of this entry »

MTV Might Be Pushing It

I read a recent article on that discussed how MTV plans on launching 25 new websites for 25 schools across the nation, MTVU, to serve as a College Campus guide for schools such as University of Texas at Austin, University of Central Florida, Ohio State University, Arizona State University, and University of Maryland College Park. MTVUStudents from each of the schools will submit information on a daily basis that will keep their website viewers up to date with happenings such as parties, concerts, and much more; and that the idea behind these websites is for students to know what is going on at campus so they don’t miss a thing.

My main concern though is MTV may have the few students who post things on the website and be allowed to see into their lives, but what about other students who aren’t aware the things they attend are being posted online for anyone to see. I’m sure MTV will censor some things, but things that do not get censored can ultimately lead to bad consequences. It seems MTV may be encroaching on other peoples’ privacy while they keep others updated on campus happenings. It seems that MTV, before going any further, should at least alert students as to what will be happening with these websites before beginning them. Although if MTV has already done this, then my hat is off to them.

mtvu concert

Of course on the flip side, these websites may prove beneficial to prospective students. Students who can’t pay the campus a visit before considering these schools may be able to get a feel of what campus life is like and whether or not its somewhere they feel they would belong. Allowing for students to see the campus life, and also their parents, could help students make final decisions on what colleges to attend, especially if they are torn between two colleges and do not want a ‘party’ college.

So as long as MTV properly warns students at each of the schools that their personal lives may potentially be placed online for all to see, I think what MTV may be a good thing for students to be able to view. Especially potential students that are unsure as to which college they want to attend.


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