new year's resolutions

new year’s resolutions

Setting New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

As the New Year approaches, you will find people everywhere evaluating the things they didn’t get done in 2010 and vowing to make some important changes. Chances are, you can find an area you want to improve on no matter who you are. Whether you want to develop better saving habits, study more or avoid procrastination, setting a New Year’s resolution can motivate you to make the changes you want to make.

One of the important things to remember when setting a goal or resolution for 2011 is to keep it reasonable. Make it something you can actually achieve. No matter what your goal is, there are some ways to make success easier.

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The 30 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Students

Hey, students, are you looking for some New Year’s resolutions to kick off 2009?  The trouble with resolutions is this: people make resolutions that are either too big, too vague, or too unrealistic.  Instead, it’s helpful to find some small, realistic, and specific goals that truly can be accomplished.

As a student, set your goals realistically.  Stay away from “I’m going to get a 4.0 next semester!” if you’re having trouble maintaining a 2.5.  And be specific.  Vague goals like, “I’m going to study more!” are terrific, but how much more?

Here are some realistic and specific New Year’s Resolutions for college students.  Pick and choose the ones that may help you — or use this as a guide to find manageable, realistic steps you can take to becoming a better students.

  1. Study five more hours a week
  2. Complete at least 50 percent more of the readings.
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