New Years

New Years

How You Can Survive Winter Break If You Are Not Going to Be at Home

tress covered in snowFor many of us, Christmas and the holiday season is a time that we like to be at home with our families and loved ones. However, if you are studying abroad, taking December intersession courses, or simply can’t get home for the holidays, this time of year can be a little disappointing for you.

If you are finding yourself away from home this holiday season, we have a few tips to help you survive Winter Break away from home.

1. Celebrate the holidays in an unique way. There’s no way to recreate the atmosphere and events that take place at your traditional holiday celebrations. So instead of trying, why not create a new celebration? Find some friends who are also spending the Winter Break away from home and think of something fun that you can all do together. Maybe it’s volunteering at a local charity, going ice skating together, or having a marathon of your favorite Christmas movies with plenty of puppy chow and hot chocolate. The more creative and festive you are, the more fun it will be.

2. Call back home when everyone will be there. Arrange a time with your family and friends back home when you can talk to each other. This will give you an opportunity to catch up with everyone from back home and tell them what you have been up to as well. You could also open gifts over the phone while you are talking if you have sent them by mail. If you have Skype, this can be even more fun because you will get to see everyone.

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Get Over Your Hangover Faster

If you’re like most college students, you’ve probably spent New Year’s Day curled up in a ball or, even worse, hunched over a toilet dry heaving.

Squandering all of your day to recover from your hangover is one of the worst ways to spend your holiday. This time of year is about enjoying the company of your friends and family, so, this year, learn how to get over that hangover sooner.

Read these tips on how to recover from a night of binge drinking:

Drinking on an empty stomach is a no-no: You want to line your stomach with some nutrients so your body can absorb the after effects of alcohol. Eat something light and healthy before you head to the bars.

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Worst College Drinking Trends of 2010

College is the time to do stupid stuff or, rather, to drink stupid stuff, right? The year 2010, especially, was a year for college students to drink some pretty crazy concoctions. While Four Loko landed several students in the hospital, Suicide Shots may have caused others to hurl into the toilet.

Check out this list of drinking trends that will hopefully expire in 2011:

Suicide shots: Probably the most uncomfortable way to take a tequila shot: Snort the salt, down the shot and squirt the lime into your eye.

Drive-thru daiquiris: Don’t ask me how it’s legal, but apparently, in Louisiana, you can purchase these fruity drinks from a drive-thru window. Sure, you can get drunk in the parking lot, but how do you plan on getting home?

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Best and Worst New Year’s Drinks

If you’re struggling with your freshman 15, or any 15 for that matter, you’re probably dreading this time of year. People, on average, gain seven pounds during the holiday season, and part of that weight gain is due to those irresistible holiday cocktails. If you plan on drinking this New Year’s, you will be shocked at the amount of calories in some well-known mixed drinks.

Check out this best, better and worst list of alcoholic drinks by their caloric amount.

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Setting New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

As the New Year approaches, you will find people everywhere evaluating the things they didn’t get done in 2010 and vowing to make some important changes. Chances are, you can find an area you want to improve on no matter who you are. Whether you want to develop better saving habits, study more or avoid procrastination, setting a New Year’s resolution can motivate you to make the changes you want to make.

One of the important things to remember when setting a goal or resolution for 2011 is to keep it reasonable. Make it something you can actually achieve. No matter what your goal is, there are some ways to make success easier.

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How to Throw the Best New Years Eve Party

New Years Eve is almost here. You could go out to the clubs and bars with your friends and spend a lot of money, or you could host a party at your home! Here are some things to keep in mind if you are planning on throwing a New Years party!

Have a Theme. Okay, there’s the obvious “See Ya 2010, Hello 2011” theme, but what about getting more creative? You could make your party’s theme be anything from old-school Hollywood to black-and-white-attire only to a pajama party or to a New York City themed party. It’s always more fun when everyone has to dress up in a costume- just make sure yours will be the best. For more ideas for unique party themes, check out these ideas!

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New Year’s Resolutions for Students

new years 2010When I was a little kid, it was really easy to think of a New Year’s resolution. I’d always convince myself it would be really easy to not drink soda or be nice to my siblings or to not talk back to my parents. I’d really stick to my resolution for a week or two, but then I’d usually fall back into my old habits.

Now that I’m older, I can typically follow through on my resolutions for at least a month or two. My goal this year is to keep my resolution for the entire year. But since I am aiming to keep it for 365 days, my resolution has to be something good.

Here are a few of my ideas for high school and college-appropriate resolutions:

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Appreciating Holiday Traditions

Like any other holiday, I’m sure there are many family traditions that all families observe during this holiday season. Christmas seems to be one of those seasons where families hold their traditions most dear and carry through with the traditions each year no matter what. Like last year: we did Christmas with my mom’s side of the family and we always go to my grandpa’s. Well, it had dumped A LOT of snow on Wichita and quite a bit of Kansas at that time last year and it wasn’t very safe to be driving. But my mom being herself, did not plan on breaking any traditions. So we loaded up the presents and headed out onto the treacherous streets. Somehow after seeing a few wrecks and cars sliding all over the road we made it safely. Read the rest of this entry »


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