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Earn a Master’s of Arts in Teaching Through USC Online

mathteacherTeaching is by far one of the hardest professions I can think of. No matter what level you teach at, it takes a certain level of patience and a love for learning and students to be an effective teacher. The profession of teaching is highly overlooked and underrated, but teachers are responsible for educating us all at various levels. Even teachers that want to learn have to look to other teachers for their knowledge. For those that are already teachers or want to be teachers, there is an online master’s degree made just for you.

USC has a master of arts in teaching that is available online that has gained a lot of high praise. USC is a world renowned research institution and their Rossier School of Education is top notch. Students that apply to this program can also apply for scholarships and a fellowship at the same time they are applying for admission. Earning a teaching degree from USC typically would not be possible for everyone, but with this degree you don’t have to move to California to attend classes; you can do this online from anywhere in the country.

The curriculum combines your interactive learning with field-based experiences that you complete in your area. The only reason you would have to go to the physical campus is for graduation after you’ve completed your degree. With this online degree you will receive everything you need to become a great teacher including preparation for state teaching credentials in your home state. Read the rest of this entry »

Government Cracks Down on For-Profit Universities

university of phoenixStudents seeking higher education now have more options than ever before.

Gone are the days when getting a college degree required packing up your stuff after high school graduation and moving into a dorm room. With more working adults trying to further their education, more universities have come along to meet their needs.

For-profit universities, like University of Phoenix, have faced a dramatic rise in enrollment due to their flexible class schedules and multiple locations. For-profit schools are currently the fastest growing area of higher education. Although these for-profit schools can be costly, the convenience of them has proven to be worth the extra money to many students.

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How to Choose an Online Degree Program

Elizabeth Kraus is the co-founder of, the Honest College Matchmaker and an expert on choosing the right college.

laptopIf you are in the process of choosing an online degree program, there are a few things you should consider before you make the jump to study online:

1. Accreditation: Do not even consider a degree that isn’t accredited and understand the differences between national and regional accreditation. There are benefits to both, so make sure you choose the degree program that fits your needs.

2. Social Interaction: Through online programs, one can learn that, there are many benefits to class participation and different programs offer different types of online interaction opportunities. Understand how much interaction you will need and choose an online degree that provides it. Read the rest of this entry »

Jack Welch Management Institute Offering MBAs Online

jack welchIf you can’t work for one of the most influential CEOs in American business, then you can take his classes. Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, just this week launched the Jack Welch Management Institute, offering MBAs online.

Welch lead GE with a focus on efficiency, productivity, and talent development, that paid off for GE and its employees, as several went on to become CEOs themselves. He was also an early proponent of Six Sigma, a business management philosophy employed by corporations large and small. He had no time for being anything below number two, and applied that thinking to both firing illequipped managers or eliminating poor lines of business.

Now retired as GE’s chief and not one to sit back and watch the world roll by, he’s delving into an area of business that has grown increasingly popular in recent years (online education) and will help him to groom yet another generation of talented business leaders. Not to mention give the next generation an opportunity to learn from one of the greats. Read the rest of this entry »

Suffield University offers degrees for working adults

Suffield UniversityIt’s becoming increasingly important to have a degree in order to achieve any significant level of success in your career. While some people manage to find success in their field without the benefit of a degree, the workplace is becoming more competitive. A degree in any field offers a distinct advantage. But, as people grow busier each year, taking the time to study for a degree is increasingly difficult.

Bridging the gap between higher education and working adults, online education and distance learning programs offer the flexibility people need to pursue their degrees. Of the many educational institutions helping people earn advanced degrees, Suffield University is one of the highest-profile programs. In this article, you’ll learn more about Suffield University as well as why some people have recommended others to avoid the school.

Which Degrees Are Offered?

There are a huge assortment of degrees available from Suffield University. Among them are degrees in Accounting, Civil Engineering, International Studies and Telecommunications. This is merely a fraction of what is available from the school. If you wish to pursue a degree that is not currently offered by the school, you can simply put whatever degree you desire on your application. Students can pursue Associates, Bachelors, Masters and even Doctorate degrees in many of the majors.

What Is Required To Earn A Degree?

Suffield University has a flexible list of requirements for each degree that they offer. There is a significant weight placed on what they refer to as “work/life experience.” For example, to earn an Associate degree, a student can either have 2 years of work/life experience or 1 year of such experience along with 30 college credits.

A Bachelor degree can be earned by having 4 years of work/life experience. Alternatively, students with only 3 years of experience can earn a Bachelor degree with 30 college credits. If that student only has 2 years of experience in the same field as their major, 60 college credits are required to earn the degree. Master and Doctorate degrees require similar combinations of life experience and/or college credits.

Should You Attend Suffield University?

Ultimately, your decision of whether to earn a degree from Suffield University should be based upon the purpose for which you intend the degree. If you merely want to enjoy having a degree in a particular field, a degree from Suffield may be a great option for you. It takes very little time to earn the degree and the cost of tuition is a fraction of what other universities cost. One word of caution: if you plan to earn an advanced degree from another college, make sure the credits from Suffield will be accepted by the other college.


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