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Do Online High Schools Make the Grade?

With constant budget cuts to education, rising classroom sizes and increasing teacher layoffs it seems necessary to address the education crisis in America. Advocates of online learning believe guiding high school students towards internet schooling may be the answer to these problems. Those in opposition argue that online learning is not as effective as classroom learning but used to save money and increase graduation rates. Both sides of the debate are passionate and student experience is evaluated to answer the question; do online high schools make the grade?

The option for online learning is convenient for students who do not want to, or cannot, attend public schools. The coursework is conveniently organized for parents wishing to home school their students and for students not able to attend classes due to a varying spectrum of obstacles. Recently, students physically attending public school have been introduced to the online method. Many school districts, including Memphis City Schools, require their students to take at least one online course.

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Apple Might Partner with McGraw-Hill on New Tablet

mcgraw hill logoWithin the next few days, Apple is expected to release its newest multimedia gadget, the Tablet. This device will allow users to play games, surf the web, watch TV, check out the latest headlines from The New York Times, or read their textbooks.

Supposedly, education publisher McGraw-Hill is discussing a partnership with Apple. The goal is to create e-book versions of its textbooks on the Tablet, similar to the textbooks that are now available on Amazon’s Kindle.

It is quite obvious why McGraw-Hill would want their books and services on the Tablet.

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