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Online Students Transfer to Traditional Schools but Leave Their State Funding Behind

girl working outside on a laptopMany online elementary and high schools in Colorado are failing to provide their students with a proper education, but tax payers are still spending $100 million on these programs this year. These tax dollars are also going towards paying for students who are no longer attending the schools.

This situation is bad for both the students who attend online schools and those who attend traditional schools. The online students are falling farther and farther behind their peers, while the traditional students are facing larger class sizes as online students transfer to traditional schools in order to find a higher quality of education. The traditional schools are also not receiving state funding to cover the expenses created by the influx of the online students because the virtual schools are keeping the state funding after the students leave.

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StraighterLine Offers Cheap Alternatives to Freshmen Level Classes

straighterlineThe average college student graduates with $24,000 in debt. This can be attributed to the fact that the average college tuition has increased by at least 5.6 percent in the past ten years.

So, what’s the average, broke college student to do? Should you sell all of your worldly possessions so you can take Intro to Biochemistry? Heck no! How about using StraighterLine?

StraighterLine is a complete online “school” that offers a cheap alternative for introductory level classes. StraighterLine allows students to pay under $1,000 for an entire year’s worth of classes. These “101”-level classes offer the same information as traditional freshmen-level classes at many universities, but they eliminate the costs of running a college. Read the rest of this entry »


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