paid internships

paid internships

Harvard Study: Students are Unprepared for Job Market

Students are not ready to take on their chosen career paths when they graduate from college, a Harvard study finds.  Published on Wednesday, the two-year study finds that the one-size-fits-all education system is leaving students either jobless or unprepared for a job.

Pathways to Prosperity Project, at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, encourages U.S. schools to become more like Europe’s.  European students can expect their educational experience to focus on occupational training, rather than general education studies.

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BP Interns Earn $5500 a Month

BP-interns-earn-5500Unpaid internships seem like a necessary hurdle on the road to employment, but there are a few internship positions that have generous stipends. Here are the 12 companies that pay interns the most.

1. IBM pays interns $18.00 per hour.

2. Accenture, the global consulting management firm, pays its interns $21.00.

3. Ernst & Young pays interns $22.00 an hour. Plus, the Academy Awards are one of their clients.

4. The two pharmaceutical companies, Merck and Schering-Plough, offer $22.20 per hour to interns.

5. PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm, pays $23.75 per hour to their interns.

6. At KPMG, another accounting firm, interns earn $24.80.

7. Deloitte & Touche pays interns $24.50, plus was voted the No. 1 place to intern by BusinessWeek in 2009.
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