Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Teachers’ Colleges Upset by Plan to Grade Them

Ask any teacher in the country how they measure students’ understanding of the material they are taught, and all of them will tell you they have some sort of grading system. This rings true even if they don’t use a traditional grading method. No matter what symbols are used to communicate, students and parents are given some report of their level of comprehension of the things they are taught each day in school.

Now, some colleges that train teachers are upset, because they will be graded by the U.S. News & World Report. The report is planning to assign grades ranging from A to F to over 1,000 teaching colleges throughout the country. Several education school deans are upset about this new grading system for their programs, claiming that the rating system’s methodology used to grade the schools is flawed. There has also been a letter written from 35 prestigious education colleges and graduate schools stating that there is an implied coercion if schools don’t cooperate with the ratings. Schools were told originally that if they did not supply the requested documents, the information would be sought under open-records laws. If the information was not obtained through those means then the school would automatically receive an F rating.

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Parents Possibly Jailed for Missing School Conferences

male teacherEducation is under fire in our country. Many students are falling behind and the education system is facing a lot of criticism. Teachers are dealing with overcrowded classrooms and, in some cases, unruly students. Many parents blame teachers for underachieving students but questions fly on what responsibility parents hold.

Teachers have a hard time doing their job when parents don’t take an interest in their child’s education. One Detroit prosecutor wants to hold parents responsible. Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy has proposed that parents who miss their child’s parent-teacher conferences serve jail time.

Worthy’s rash proposal is to call attention to the direct link in youth crimes and parental education involvement. If children don’t feel like their parents care about their education, they also don’t take an interest and turn to crime as a way to get attention. Read the rest of this entry »

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Another one of those “lasts” happened today. My last parent-teacher conferences. The funny thing is, I was never present for my parent-teacher conferences, so its not exactly one of the “lasts” I’ll miss next year.

Recently East High School has moved to parent-teacher conferences that are more student lead. In our “Ace Time” class (a class we have every Wednesday to do things that relate to grades and school) we filled out a sheet with not only our grades, but also ways to better grades and goals we have the final semester. Our parents picked these sheets up and carried them around during conferences to help see the student’s views and goals for the semester. This is the only input my mom received from me the last two conferences. I actually haven’t gone to conferences since the first round my junior year. Read the rest of this entry »

Students Stay Away from Parent-Teacher Conferences

All through middle school and even the first few years of high school, I always dreaded the day I would have to walk around school with my mom talking to my teachers about my grades and progress. Most of the time my grades were great, it was the comments my teachers had I didn’t enjoy hearing. Each year I always heard comments on how I talk too much and I have the tendency to create distractions in class from time to time. Of course when mom asked me about this I defended myself swearing that I didn’t talk THAT much and I wasn’t that much of a distraction.

I have always avoided going to parent teacher conferences. Not because I am afraid to hear what my teachers have to say about me, but rather because I believe that teachers will not be as honest with you there. Your teachers don’t want to hurt your feelings or make a comment that could possibly offend you, so when you are present at the conference, they seem to censor what they tell your parents.

This censoring may be good for some who aren’t as motivated as some or who are a constant distraction, but for other students, it can cause more harm because as a student you want to know what you need to work on so that you can improve yourself and your grades. I think that students should avoid going to conferences unless they are forced to go or want to go. But of course, going to conferences is up to the individual!


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